6 Ideas to Supercharge Your Stay Home Experience

Due to COVID-19, most of us today are required to stay home as much as we can. Stay home to save lives and help the fight against the noble coronavirus. But, unfortunately, there are some identified harmful effects while staying at home often.

An article written by Steven C. Hayes Ph.D. sited five challenges of staying at home which can affect our mental health negatively if not managed properly:

  • The challenge of Movement
  • The challenge of Staying in Touch with Nature
  • The challenge of Meaning
  • The challenge of Accountability
  • The challenge of Connection

To counter these challenges, I have managed to develop ideas that will supercharge our stay home experiences. These will help us to become highly responsible individuals and be part of the mission against COVID-19.

6 Ideas to Supercharge Your Stay Home Experience

#1 – General Cleaning of House

As we navigate this pandemic time, health authorities always remind us to wash our hands frequently and observe cleanliness in our bodies. Cleanliness is also parallelly crucial in our environment, especially at home. Regular house cleaning will help us stop and kill germs pestering our house and surroundings.

I read an article suggesting that we make cleaning schedules to ensure we don’t forget and have our home covered. For example, some of our home areas can be cleaned daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly.

Some General Cleaning Checklist: Daily

  1. Make bed
  2. Washing of dirty dishes
  3. Sanitizing of Kitchen surfaces and floor
  4. Sanitizing of Bathroom surfaces and floor
  5. Sweeping of dry leaves in the garden, backyard, or front yard

Some General Cleaning Checklist: Weekly

  1. Dusting of furniture
  2. Change of Bedding
  3. Cleaning and sanitizing the microwave
  4. Sanitizing of Sponges
  5. Cleaning of Mirrors

Some General Cleaning Checklist: Monthly

  1. Vacuum, sanitizing Vents, woodworks
  2. Dusting and cleaning of light fixtures
  3. De-clogging of kitchen and bathroom sink drains
  4. Cleaning of vacuum and washing machines
  5. Washing of front and back yard

These are just some of the many general cleaning activities you can make or add to your list. If you have noticed, some of the activities, especially daily and weekly, can be done by grade schoolers and high school students. If you are a parent, it is best to involve your kids in such activities to learn and adapt to responsibility early. Doing such, you can also save expenses that cover your house maintenance, such as AC servicing and de-clogging of sink drains.

#2 – Learn to Cook

Today, food services such as food delivery is a booming business. We often call or order online. Then, with a few clicks and minutes, your food is delivered to your doorstep without hassle. That’s great when you are tied up on countless errands. But there are times that we should cook our meals.

Having over control of the ingredients in your meal is fundamental. We can guarantee food safety. When we prepare and cook our meals, we can ensure that our family eats wholesome and fresh meals.

You may visit these simple recipes which you can try and practice:

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#3 – Watch Film Documentaries

Being relevant means we’re the kind of person that others can depend on. Whether for leadership, giving insight, expertise, or emotional support. Geoffrey James (Contributing Editor) wrote an article suggesting four ways to become more relevant.

  1. Be More Authentic
  2. Achieve More Mastery
  3. Be More Empathetic
  4. Take More Action

One simple thing we can do to practice and fulfill these four ways mentioned above is to continue learning. Educating ourselves gives us knowledge that can help us to be better. One modest and entertaining way of educating ourselves is by watching film documentaries. Whatever our interest is acceptable. We have numerous documentary channels on YouTube and Netflix that we can choose from. Here are some channels I follow on social media, which you can try and see:

Note: This blog is NOT paid or sponsored by any of the brands mentioned. The aim is to share some of my favorite channels, where I usually watch interesting, relevant, and meaningful film documentaries.

#4 – Play with the KIDs

One of the best benefits of staying home is giving us a luxurious time with our family unless you are living alone. If you’re a parent, then give yourself and your kids’ schedule for playing. Playing lets children use their imagination while developing their creativity, skills, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strengths. Playing lets you and your kids create happy and meaningful memories that they can carry along in their lives.

UNICEF suggested some fun play activities according to your kids’ age. For example, for Babies 0-9 months, you can play simple Peek-a-boo, See and say, and The body game. For Pre-school children 3-4 years, you can play with them Dress up activities, Name that noise, and “I’m going to catch you!” game. See the complete details here.

#5 – Start a Project

One of the best self-care tips I recommend is to start a side hustle. Projects that bring happiness and have a positive impact on our mental health. It can be monetary or non-monetary as long as it motivates us and eventually inspires others too.

For the past few years, I want to do something unique, reflecting my thoughts and intention to serve as a helpful role to those seeking inspiration, support, or advice. In the year 2019, I finally decided to come up with a blog at home project. I started writing about my thoughts, views, experiences, and curiosity about Life and Humanity. And this project helps me stay at home while engaging today. It gives me a sense of responsibility for spreading positivity and valuable information to people like you.

In addition to that, this project helps me cope with some of my health struggles. It is also serving as an online journal that I can share with like-minded people.

You may read these:

#6 – Read Holy Scriptures

So, the question is, why do I recommend reading scriptures? First, holy scriptures such as the Bible or even the Quran build the most vital personal and spiritual relationship with God. Second, remember that one of the problems we face today in excessive staying at home is mental health. And to battle mental health issues, one good activity is to imply hope, understanding, and peace within ourselves. Reading holy scriptures will help us analyze our situation and teach us how to morally and spiritually respond in our environment and others.

Additionally, reading scriptures lead us to the pathway of a better life as an individual. It will help us nurture ourselves. It gives us an idea of what to prioritize and to put values on things. Reading scriptures will help us overcome temptations. It serves as a guideline in decision-making. It increases our knowledge about our God Almighty and even ourselves. Therefore, please take the opportunity now and embrace it. Read the Bible, other spiritual books, and grow while staying at home, saving lives, and helping fighting coronavirus.

Even an Atheist can do this. Reading such books can help an Atheist to understand a non-Atheist person better. Opening our minds to new things is better for us while navigating our way out of today’s health and economic crisis.

My Takeaway!

There you go! I hope these Six Ideas to Supercharge Your Stay Home Experience will encourage and keep your enthusiasm for staying at home. As citizens of the world, we have the most power to restrain this deadly virus’s spread. Our government and other public and private organizations are there to help us, but it is OUR RESPONSIBILITY to put effort into fighting this pandemic. Our mobility has a significant impact in terms of the spread or containment of the virus. Think about yourself. Think about your loved ones. Think about others.

Together We Can and We Will Win the Battle Against Coronavirus.

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  1. Some great ideas. He recently started having behavior regression (meltdowns, potty accidents, eating habits…) which all seemed to trace back to depression from missing his daycare buddies. Now he gets so excited for cooking time with mommy! He handles the mixing and consumption of chocolate chips

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