22 Smart Self-Care Tips

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Self-care is essential for maintaining your healthy relationship with yourself because it produces positive feelings and boosts your confidence. Knowing your worth and letting others know your worth is what self-care is all about.

Self-care will allow you to radiate and transmit these positive feelings to others. Therefore, here are the twenty-two smart self-care tips I’ve gathered and am doing my best to practice!

22 Smart Self-Care Tips

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1. Have a good wake-up routine

Every day is an excellent opportunity for us. Starting your day in a good mood is a better choice than to keep on hitting that snooze button. If you continue snoozing, there is a high tendency that you will feel lazy all day long. Having a good wake-up routine will help you start your daylight, be happy, and be ready to take challenges positively.

2. Thought Checking

Our thoughts lead to our feelings hence checking your thoughts before they become action is important. The beauty of being mindful is mastering how to control your thoughts, so they do not control you. A Yiddish proverb says, “What a man thinks up for himself, his worst enemy couldn’t wish for him.”

3. Give time for physical activity

Medical science keeps on reminding us that physical activity and exercising can improve our health and reduce the risk of developing numerous illnesses. Most people thought that exercising is only for those who want to stay slim or lose weight. No. Exercising is for everyone! You can do simple 15 – 30 minutes of walking or stretching as I do. Trust me; it will benefit you big time.

4. Learn to say No

I believe this is crucially important. Most people say yes because it is the easiest way. However, healthy boundaries are the key to self-care and contentment. Saying ‘No’ helps you enable others to have clearness about what they can expect from you. It can also prevent others from abusing your kindness. Significantly, saying ‘No’ helps you teach others how they can improve themselves too.

5. Connect with someone you love

Having great relationships can improve your health tremendously. It can help you manage stress, strengthen your immune system functionality, and give meaning to your life. Humans are bound to be connected. So, do not stop. Speak with your special someone, your lovely husband or wife, your parents, your kids, or your trusted friend. Have a meaningful conversation with them. It will benefit both of you.

6. Practice breathing exercises

I love practicing breathing exercises, especially when I am emotionally stressed. It helps me to become calmer and positively react to things that frustrate me. So, I think this is also best for you to practice. Deep breathing exercises can lower your stress level and clear up your mind. I read an article, which listed the benefits of practicing breathing exercises:

  • It’s a natural painkiller
  • It improves blood flow
  • It increases energy level
  • It improves posture
  • It reduces inflammation
  • It detoxifies the body
  • It stimulates the lymphatic system
  • It improves digestion
  • It relaxed your mind and body

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7. Be your own advocate

I believe this is fundamental that most people lack. It can be painful, but nothing beats saying what you mean and doing what you say to get on the right side of genuineness and meaningful life. Speak truthfully and Act truthfully.

8. Take responsibility for your emotions

The most poisonous human character is passive-aggressive behavior. This behavior involves aggression toward others. It also focuses on negative feelings and subtly reflects on actions that will inflict on yourself and others. If you take responsibility for your emotions, it will help you improve how you can manage your thoughts and mental health.

9. Be kind

This cost nothing yet brings you priceless happiness for yourself and others.

10. Laugh

It is free! It will give you the best emotional wellness you can experience.

11. Start a side hustle

Doing activities that bring you happiness can have a significant impact on your health too. It can even help you money-wise. In the year 2018, I lost my day job because of health issues. To keep my professional aspect growing, I ended up having a part-time job in a B2B marketing company. It gives me a sense of worth professionally while I earn extra and learn continuously.

12. Get a massage

Body massage is one excellent treat for self-care. Having a massage can give you several positive effects on your body. An article I read gives us some of the positive effects you can experience when you get a massage;

  • It gives relaxation
  • It lessens stress levels
  • It can help lower blood pressure
  • It promotes  muscles relaxation
  • It can help improve circulation
  • It can help improve posture
  • It can help improve the immune system

13. Eat a healthy snack

Exercising is no good if you do not eat healthily. Remember that proverbial saying you are what you eat? It reminds us that to be fit and healthy; you need to eat good food.

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14. Read

Reading is vital because it helps you grow mentally, emotionally, and psychologically. Your mind needs exercise too. It is a skill that you can use in many ways, professionally and personally. It feeds your curious wondering and gives you answers to your questions.

15. Look at pics of cute animals

It turns out that mindless scrolling of social media like Instagram and Tiktok might pay you a good dividend. A news article suggests that looking at cute animals is right for your health and makes you even more productive. 

16. Take a break 

Have a vacation. Have a nap. Give yourself time to recover from all sorts of exhaustion.

17. Anticipating problems before they arise

Starting your day by forecasting future roadblocks can improve how you manage the tension and stress you can face for the day. Situations that are full of uncertainties can negatively impact your productivity and efficiency. But, if you already anticipated a possible problem, you will have enough time to evaluate and fix it once you are in that given situation.

18. Get outside

Get fresh air from outside. Go to your garden and water the plants. If you don’t have one, then take a walk in the park. The point is, that getting outside and embracing the fresh air can clear your mind and release negativity.

19. Write a thank you journal

Gratitude is the parent of all great virtues.  Keeping a thank you journal will remind you how blessed you are.  It will teach you to be appreciative even of small things.

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20. Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is one of the unfortunate challenges today, for adults, young adults, and even teenagers and kids. Because of high-end technology, most people of all ages deprived themselves of sleep. Limit your screen time and take adequate rest.

21. Have a good released

Pleasure can have its own benefits. A health article suggests that orgasm may improve your mood, release stress, boost immunity, and foster better relationships. 

22. Spend at least 15 minutes a day decluttering

I love doing this because it feels safe in terms of technology. Have a habit of clearing your browser’s cache and cookies. It is the right way of protecting your privacy from the internet. I also love doing this in my personal belongings because it helps me become more organized. You can declutter pretty much everything from your house, garage, mobile phone, email, contact list, archives, cabinets, etc. Decluttering is one right way of keeping yourself organized and clean from unimportant matters that can negatively impact you and others.

My Takeaway!

There you go, Lounger! Remember you do not need to invest a lot of money to get the me-time you deserve. I know that you are busy; however, you deserve and need a me-time! Self-caring will empower you and boost your self-esteem! It is easier for you to share the happiness and positive results with your loved ones and others if you’ll love yourself first!

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References: oprahmag.com, psychologytoday.com

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  1. this is moving..i always thought of others first rather than myself so i tend to feel exhausted always. this reminds me how important to have ‘me time’ in order to genuinely help and care others too.

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