10 Ways to Attract Happiness at Work

Happiness has a tremendous impact in terms of the employees’ efficiency and productivity. A happy employee has a vital significance to business success. However, a couple of times, you will lose excitement and motivation at work due to several factors. So… Here is a list I have pulled up, which you can try to practice in your professional life. I personally found them reliable, keeping myself focused, happy and motivated despite day-to-day adversaries.

10 Ways to Attract Happiness at Work

1. Be on time.

Time is valuable as money. One way to keep yourself happy at work is to come on time and go home on time. Nothing is refreshing when starting a day without cramming. It is also a sign of giving out moral support to your colleagues, starting a good mood; a silent motivation way of saying, “Hey, I’m here, I got your back!”. 

2. Be humble.

Humility attracts good friends and true comrades at work. While bragging and flaunting your achievements attracts haters and enemies. Remember, action speaks louder than words, so stating the obvious will jeopardize you.

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3. Expect nothing.

To be happy is to feel self-gratification. Having a purpose of helping others without expecting something in return is one great way to achieve self-gratification.

At work, help your colleagues genuinely by not expecting something in return. Expectations will only set the working environment on your terms, which will lead you to frustrations and disappointments. It is better to have a competitive-friendly working atmosphere to learn from each other and have tremendous professional growth.

4. Be Honest.

An employee who practices integrity has a genuine realization of happiness at work. An article says that an employee who acts with integrity will constantly tell the truth, is accountable, reliable, and treats coworkers, stakeholders, and customers fairly. Such an attitude will create a happy working environment.

5. Take a break.

Always remember that your health is crucial than your work. So, take a break! Get yourself a good healthy snack, meal, lunch, whatever you call it. Nothing is important at work than your health. Taking a break will give you time to recover from stress, mind pollution, body exhaustion and help you energize yourself.

6. Be calm and patient.

There is no perfect workplace nor workmates. Even you have flaws to improve or misses that just cannot be avoided or controlled. At times you will end up having an argument or debate due to a project, work problem, and more. Always stay calm—practice patience. Avoid shouting and using abusive words. These will not give you resolves; rather, it will result in an unhealthy working environment. Always settle matters in a professional and civilized way. Use words that can inspire and motivate!

7. Trust no one, Respect everyone.

To be happy is to learn to stand on your feet. No one will back you up except for yourself. Take care of your assignments promptly. To be a team player, you must know how to work on your own and complete your tasks punctually. Remember that your contribution to the team is vital. Finishing your tasks means respecting yourself and others.

8. Drop the blame game.

We are all human, and we make mistakes. It’s inescapable. If you have wrong something or someone at work, own it and learn from it. Blaming is a way of saying, “I’m washing off my hands” and “It is not my fault.” Blame games at work will ruin work relationships. But being accountable for your own deeds will make you a better employee and a better person.

9. Whatever is in office, stays in office. Whatever is out of office, stays out of office.

Confidentiality is vital. Sometimes venting to a friend about work problems are soothing. Mostly, you want to get a bit of good advice and your friend’s opinion matters to you. On the other hand, part of your responsibility is to protect your company, your co-workers, and yourself from unwanted gossips and controversy. So, always be cautious when sharing information with your mates.

10. Engaged happily.

10 Ways to Attract Happiness at Work - 52StirsLounge
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Cultivating happiness is a good caution from work challenges. Setting up a light mood and engaging happily with your coworkers will give you that good feeling of working. After all, we work not only because of money but also because of self-fulfillment and growth, morally and spiritually.

My Takeaway!

Now, remember that in the end, it is still on you. It depends on your willingness and enthusiasm. How will you use the power of your mind settling to battle negatives at work? I hope this list of my Ten Ways to Attract Happiness at Work gave you useful insights into dealing with and avoiding work frustrations. Motivation at work is vital because it drives you to be at your best. Always stay happy and motivated, Lounger!

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“The secret is keeping busy and loving what you do.”Lionel Hampton

10 Ways to Attract Happiness at Work - 52StirsLounge
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