8 People Worthy of Your Attention

How can you unlock your potential? This was one of my questions when I was in my university days. And, yes, it was indeed a fruitful experience. Like any other student, I have struggled so much because of inevitable circumstances, but those did not stop me. I focused on how I can unlock my potential so that my university days will be a meaningful training ground for me.

One of the best keys is to surround yourself with people that can help you grow. And yes, I am still doing this up to this point. Focusing and spending time with people who can bring the best out of you is indeed important. So, I have listed the kind of people I believe have helped me tremendously to be who I am now.

Eight People Worthy of Your Attention

Elderly People

I never get bored listening elderly. Their age is proof of life and wisdom. It was sad because I did not have much time spent with my own grandparents. But luckily, throughout my life, I have met many elderlies who became part of me.

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Some may find them boring, strict, grumpy, or just plain. However, if you will sit with them and listen to their stories, you will grow mentally and spiritually. Their stories can help you find clues that can lead you discovering your right path. Yes! Their stories can teach you how you will act and manage your life wisely. True stories of failure and success. True stories of disappointments and happiness. True stories of struggles and placidity. They are sweet evidence that life is a roller coaster ride. So, no need to be hysterical because you can and will do it. Lend them your time, presence, and ears to elderlies. You will learn so much than you expect.


This may sound cliché, but they are one of the most significant persons in your life. Regardless of your parents are different and difficult. They also have their own stories. And these stories and experiences they have can help you. Eventually, you are you because of your parents. They are part of you. And when I say parents, they can be biological, legal guardian, someone who acted as your parents, or even your parents-in-law.

My father and I have so much in common and differences. There are things that we agree on and things that we do not agree with. But I still listen to him. We argue and fight, but I still listen to him. It does not necessarily mean that I will agree with him but listening to him means understanding his views.

Their perceptions are valuable in that they can also be references to us for use. Nowadays, I have seen unhealthy parents and children relationships because of many circumstances. But I think that such problems can be lessened if children submit to their parents. After all, they are parents and senior to us.

Submit means not shutting them off. Yes! They have wronged you. They hurt you. And that is unacceptable and intolerable. Worst they left you in the most unexpected time of your life. But, do not completely close your doors. They are your parents. Without them, you are not here in the world. Life is always hard, but it is beautiful. All these humility and loving responses you will show to your parents will teach you to mature. And sooner or later, things will get better between you.


Normally you see criticism as a distraction and destruction. But on the brighter side, I will tell you that there is a need for criticism. A critique can be a member of your family, relatives, friends, boss, or an auditor from your workplace. It can also be your enemy or competitor. But do not hate them because; Criticism is the key to your success! 

Most of the time, if you feel good about yourself, you do not see the wrong. If you feel that you are already at the “peak of success,” you will not see the real situation you are into. However, your critique does. This time, listening to them does not mean you submit to them. But you are trying to see yourself in front of the mirror, so you will know what you need to improve.

Your critique is a powerful tool to improve your character, skills, aptitude, ability, personality, and whole you! Criticism will give you the leverage to know and understand your defects and turn them into your strong points. Always focus on the silver lining of your critique’s statements.


Your boss is your boss. He is your superior hence you must listen to him. Of course, there are differences. We cannot remove such. I remember I had a boss-manager who is a complete jackass! It was obvious that he was a biased guy, and luckily, I am not his favorite. We had an argument, which was escalated. I was sent to have an HR hearing with him supposedly. But he did not show up. The HR officer lends her ears to me. The verdict was I will continue my work without reprimands’, and they honored my life-work principles. And when I said listen to your boss, filter and get the positive pointers. Period.

Dropped the differences and culture the commonality which can improve you. This boss-manager I had, is highly skilled in excel and graphs, analysis, and reporting. I admire him on that. I took all my chances to improve my skills on that terms. I remember that we were a group of seven people and he always put me in charge of daily reporting. At first, I wouldn’t say I liked it. I thought it is unfair because it was always me. I am literally taking the hot seat every day. Executives come to me for questions, clarifications, how’s, whys, etcetera. Eventually, I realized I don’t know his intentions but whatever it is, I will just let him while I take the opportunity to improve my reporting and communication skills. Fast forward, when I worked overseas reporting and communicating are something that I was able to manage easily because of that experience.

Religious Leaders

People nowadays are closed-minded when it comes to religion. They feel awkward. They feel that the subject is taboo. They perceive that religion has so much controversy and can lead to conflicts when discussed. Yes, that is true only if you will focus yourself on that perspective.

On the other hand, if you will open your mind, it will be a great journey. Listening to various religious leaders will help you understand others’ faith, beliefs, principles, and visions. You will also see the beauty and have a better understanding of their cultures and traditions.

8 People Worthy of Your Attention - 52 Stirs Lounge
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When I first step into the Middle East and saw a group of ladies wearing black burqa and abaya, I was afraid. I am uncomfortable seeing women who are wearing such clothing. I felt that they are in some cult! Honestly, I was disgusted with my way of thinking. Because the country that gave me visiting visa and let me see and stay with my husband welcomed me. However, when I saw its women, I felt uncomfortable and thought negatively—what a shame.

To correct my way of thinking and to overcome this fear, I started researching. I watched documentaries, discussions, and commentaries about Islam and the Middle East. I started listening to the speech programs of Sheikhs. Eventually, little by little, I came to understand the reason behind these black Burqa and abaya. It clears the questions in my mind and wipes off the fear in me. And most importantly, my way of thinking was improved tremendously.

You can also read this which I wrote about: 11 Myths about Islam and Muslims


An expert is someone who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a specific area. He can be a doctor, lawyer, engineer, scientist, religious leader, and so on. Everybody has his own talent, skills, and expertise. However, there is always better than you. Regardless of how great or knowledgeable you are, there is always someone there that is doing better than you. My point is, always consider facts from others- from the experts.

Do not ignore or take their advice for granted, especially when supported with evidence and facts. True and rightful experts do not just fabricate data or stories. It takes a huge amount of time, effort, experiences, and data to develop valuable information available to the public.

COVID-19 has turned the world upside-down today. There are various discussions, opinions, and non-stop debates of what to do or whatnot. For almost 3 months now, most countries (big or small, rich or poor) has closed their economy to address the health crisis. While watching news local and internationally, I have seen so much tension among authorities. The worst is they compete and put dirty politics. Yes! In the middle of this unprecedented global pandemic crisis. Some politicians act selfishly and rushing to open the economy while deliberately disregarding medical experts—leaders who entice people to act aggressively.

I am not here to decide or suggest what needs to be done or whatnot. My point is, we must always consider the ‘right experts’ who are transparent, moral and has values in integrity. Even if you are a person of strong influence and power, try to gauge first. You do not know everything.

Less Privileged

Everyone has a story, and every story has a reason behind it. We often overlooked people who are nobody in our eyes. This is a mediocre attitude that we must drop. People are being categorized by what they have, who they relate to, or their social status. If you want to understand and gain meaningful knowledge, do not be afraid or feel disgusted when less privileged comes into your proximity. This is a great opportunity for you to engage with them and learn from their stories and experiences. Wisdom comes from failure. I am not saying that the less privileged is a failure, but they are one of the best resources to widen your life’s outlook.

8 People Worthy of Your Attention - 52 Stirs Lounge
Photo by Thegiansepillo on Pexels.com

Let’s go back to COVID-19. This pandemic has opened my eyes. I admit that I am one of those privileged people who does not need to work her ass hard to earn a living. On the other hand, there are dozens and thousands of heads of the family worldwide who strive every day to earn a living. Worst, COVID-19 halted almost every household to earn. The impact of this is devastating. Because of this, I learned how to appreciate every bit I have in life. I learned how to highly appreciate my husband’s sacrifices as the sole provider at this point of our life. I learned how to share what I have. I learned the importance of the essential workers. My knowledge in health was improved as well as how leaders should act during such situations. I learned how to manage my anger and disappointment with little things.

A day ago, I bought a tempered glass screen protector for my smartphone. At the store, everything seemed perfect. After the sales lady fixed it for me, my phone looks nicely done, and it worked. I was thrilled! As soon as I got home and started vigorously using the phone by playing games, then I saw its defects. I paid so much for the item, and yet, a few hours later, it no longer serves its purpose. It should protect my phone’s screen while I can still interact with my phone conveniently. I paid 500PHP (10USD) for nothing. I suddenly recalled my conversation with the saleslady. She said she is happy because finally, they opened their store after more than 2 months of lockdown, earning nothing. But now, the authorities let some stores open aside from essentials, and they can start over again and eventually earn for their families.

Well, I am sure they do not want to sell defective products. I was just unlucky that I got the wrong one. Obviously, the money I have paid has been valued more than I expected. I was there to help them with their sales after such a long time of struggle. It is a small start for them, but that is what we call ‘hope.’ The defective product taught me to look beyond the horizon. Everything has a reason.

Stand Up Comedians

Life is always hard, but it is beautiful, as I always say. We should not overload ourselves with awful tensions and unpleasant seriousness. There is time for important matters and a time to enjoy a good sense of humor. I believe that stand-up comedy is a powerful tool to educate, rebuild, rouse, and make individuals ponder. Stand up comedy will help you pivot your perspective. It helps you to see life struggles into something hilarious yet truthful and meaningful.

My Takeaway!

All these people have specific roles and importance. So, be mindful and pick the right individual to listen to, to engage with, to read about.  Always do a background check.  Filter all the good substances and keep them as your reference.  While get rid of the bad substances.  Give your attention only to real gems.  At the end of the day, your intention is to help yourself find and open the door of your exponential growth; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. So that, in due course you can also help and inspire others.

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