What to Do?

What to do? It is the most common question people asked if the situation seems deadlock. It’s my question too! What to do, right? If something did not go the way it should have been, Yea? What to do? … That’s the perfect time to act on it!

What to Do?

Remember Murphy’s law? It says, “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” No matter how perfect the plan is and ready you are, it will go wrong if something is not right. So, if that happens, here are the ideal three quotes to remember!

#1. Persian Proverb: Thinking well is wise; Planning well is wiser; Doing well wisest and best of all.

I remember when I was working in a regular office. A couple of times, even though we have prepared and fully planned a project, problems still occur. At first, I’m getting frustrated, and my momentum of motivation and finishing a project walks away. But then, what to do? I realized that life is never so enjoyable and adventurous without roadblocks.

The important thing is, what will you do when the problems occur? How about when it is least expected? Let your guard down or continue to fight and find your resolve? Just break down to tears and frustrations or stand up even at tears while acting upon to resolve? These are the questions I asked myself.

So, again. Yes, think about what you aim to be or to have. Plan about how you will be able to achieve it. Most importantly! Execute it! Always do your best even when you are at your worst! Be consistent!

#2. Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well – Chesterfield.

I admit this is one of my challenges too. You are not alone. You start to do something. You got inspired. You started doing a project. And then, sooner or later, it just flew away. A sudden change of mood and lack of interest until the project sits on there. Paused. What to do, erg?

Chesterfield wonder quote is a reminder that if you started something, you might as well finish it off through your best. You must not settle in “Ohm, I think is enough,” “Hmm, this will settle it.” If you think you are the best banana peeler among your family members, then be it. If you think that you are the best props maker in your theater group, then be it. If you think you are the best scrap booker, then be it. The point is, always continue whatever you have started and be the best while doing and completing it.

#3. Either I will find a way, or I will make one – Sir Philip Sidney.

I recently watched an anime called hunter x hunter. One of the tests of the group was voting. They are a group of five who want to be a Hunter. The group had to vote and choose one of two doors. One door is narrow and can only be used by three candidates, and it will lead them to the finish line in just 3 minutes. In contrast, the other door is generous yet overwhelming. Five candidates can use it, but it will take them 45 hours to reach the finish line. The group has less than an hour time to finish the test.

Inside, the room where they are in, are full of dangerous weapons. Ax saw, guns, arrows, name it, you have it. Any weapon you can use for a match or duel. It looks like survival of the fittest among them. All of them wanted to be Hunter, but it seems like only three must make it to the end. Most of them thought one thing. They must face one another even if they had to kill each other. One kid, though, thought differently. He saw that the wall was weak and easily crushed through it by smashing it using an ax.

Five of them end up finishing the race after choosing the second door for five persons! Exactly! They choose the second door so five persons can enter without being harmed or killed. They used the weapons to break the wall between the doors and made a hole entering the tunnel, leading them to the finish line in just 3 minutes!

Every situation in life is different. It may be easy or difficult. It can mean a huge stake, even if it is your life or the life of someone you love. But when deciding, you do not need to be cruel to others. There will always be a way that will save you and others. Always choose a win-win situation. Never stop. It is either you will find a way, or you will make one!

Now, what to do? I hope I ease some of your worries.  Life is always hard, but it is beautiful!

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