Tremendous Side-Effect of COVID-19

Everything happens for a reason. We may not know “why,” but sooner or later, it will be unveiled. March 2020 has several stories to tell in the future, particularly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. World history is being recorded day by day! A report from WHO showed that more than 414K confirmed COVID-19 cases worldwide as of March 25, 2020. It’s definitely the survival of the fittest as it already took thousands of lives internationally.

COVID-19 stunned the economy worldwide. It literally pushed the world leaders to act fast and imposed draconian measures to address the pandemic. On the other side of the horizon, there’s a tiny bit of silver lining that grew my eyes big as I watch local and global news daily! Probably, you too noticed some tremendous side-effects which COVID-19 bringing forth.

Tremendous Side-Effect of COVID-19

Opportunity to Society

On Hygiene

People of all group ages are becoming conscious of how personal hygiene can heavily impact health. Aside from that, people are increasingly cooperative in terms of cleaning and maintaining the environment hygienic. The importance of ‘Do not spit on the ground’ is also drastically imposed not only on countries that have dedicated provision on this but also on countries lenient on such behavior. 

On Humanitarian

This COVID-19 phenomenon has boosted the Humanitarian Attitude of our society. The new heroes of the world are what we call ‘Frontliners” of today’s battle against this pandemic. Health workers are nonstop attending both COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 patients. Police and Military personnel nonstop attending checkpoints and maintaining peace and orders. Other workers like cleaners, supermarket staff, admin staff, media staff, pharmacy staff, food attendants, and so on are risking their lives attending their job to address the public’s essentials.

Individuals have participated in charity works by sharing their hard-earned grains with trusted foundations and charity institutions to respond to the crisis. Some small group of teenage kids I have seen in the news come up with a great idea that inspired younger generations to contribute. They give out relief packs to the homeless, including alcohol, soap, face masks, and some food goods. A small act of generosity can impact many lives.

Individuals have volunteered to work to help in contact tracing activities. Various charity works are being done globally, sending one message to everyone. Solidarity is a key to address this COVID-19 pandemic.

Big and small-scale business put their ‘profiteering scheme’ aside and focus on how they will help their employees. Some donated a huge amount of goods and monies to assist their respective governments in responding to COVID-19.

On Crimes

A tremendous lower crime rate is being observed. COVID-19 put most of the people in quarantine. People are asked to self-isolate, which limits the movement of everyone, including offenders. Not to mention numerous checkpoints are there in the streets and roads. I’m just hoping that this will continue even after the pandemic.

Opportunity to Science

On Science and Medicine

While the government is on its high time doing its best to contain the spread of the serial killer virus, science and medicine are on the verge of researching and studying the W’s of COVID-19. Medical Scientists are in the race of time! As of today, there is no medicine to cure the killer disease. There is no vaccine either! You can only imagine how difficult it can be if you are infected with the virus. But then again, it’s a tremendous opportunity for our science and medicine. I’m hoping and praying that sooner they will be able to shout ‘Eureka! Eureka!

On Science and Environment

The global economy has been negatively impacted because big and small businesses are suspended and others closed. It means a drastic cut-off from the emission of nitrogen dioxide is observed. A video from European Space Agency, ESA showed the nitrogen dioxide emissions drop over China due to nationwide lock-down.

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Effects On Politics

Every day is treated highly critically as we navigate through this historical global crisis. This pandemic virus exposed leaders who are biased, competent, and have the real ability to lead people. COVID-19 explicitly exposed politicians who are acting right vs. acting drama. It exposed the leaders whom people have voted and trusted.

My Thoughts

I also noticed that people are becoming ingenious than usual! To maintain a high moral, I have seen numerous videos online through social media defying boredom due to self-isolation and quarantine. Anyhow, while we are riding a highly intense roller coaster ride, I wish you all the best and safe. Please stay home, keep social distancing, for now, stay calm, and follow the directives of our national and local government as well as healthcare authorities.

Together We Can and We Will Win the Battle Against Coronavirus.

Tremendous Side-Effect of COVID-19
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