Go Left

I recently visited a theme park in Ilanin Forest East, Subic Bay Freeport Zone and had an experience playing in a garden maze!  It was intense because I was underneath the scorching heat trying to make out of the maze.  My goal is to get out of the maze faster because I was already thirsty, my body temperature is getting higher and higher, and I am already sweating all over. 😁😁 The fact that it’s sort of an ambush travel, hence doing this activity in a dress and jeans jacket is crazy hot. 😁

Let me Go Left then…

Go Left - 52StirsLounge

I always choose turning right and reaching dead end.  So, I had to go back and taking the left turn to find my way!  It got to the point that I kept turning right believing that is the correct direction, but I caught myself chasing my own shadow in a loop.  The guy at the top who is overseeing me, started to shout!  So, I stopped, listened to him and started analyzing and observing my environment.  Questions are there which helped me decide what direction I need to trail.  Until I got out in the maze happily! Whew!


Same goes in real-life.  Sometimes you are too confident with yourself because you think you are doing the ‘Right’ thing.  All you want is to keep turning right because that’s how you understand achieving your goals.  Until you will fall, get discourage, and starting to blame yourself or the situation.

You have an option!  Remember that you can also “go left when nothing goes right.”

This doesn’t mean that you are quitting, rather it means that you are open to new directions of your life.  It may sound unprecedented at first but going left while right fails is a better option than stopping and giving up.  Yes! Go left when nothing goes right! 😉

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