6 Tricks to Master Your Work from Home

The first quarter of the year 2020 is almost completed. We’re unprecedentedly navigating our way through this pandemic chaos brought by COVID-19. Most of the big and small companies asked their employees to work from home. In fact, the company I currently work for released a memorandum in the 2nd week of March that all its employees globally must work from home.

Short Background Story

For the first time, I have never felt so fortunate in my entire life of being unemployed. COVID-19 has brought several problems and discussions in our workforce. And since I am technically unemployed, it has less impact on my everyday routine. I don’t need to go out for work. On the other hand, huge numbers of workers are forced to leave their day or night job and was asked to stay at home 24/7 as much as they can. This is to help in restraining the spread of the deadly virus – COVID-19.

It’s hard because, at one point, you need to work for a living, and yet you need to stop and stay at home to live and save your family’s health. I bet you are having such a dilemma; hence you are here reading my blog post or knowing someone of having the same situation.

From October 2018, I officially had to halt work because of health concerns. My first month or two were good because I basically went full rest. Regaining my physical, mental, and emotional strengths, which I lost when I was working. Until when my third month of being unemployed started to kick in. I’m becoming dull and bored. I’m not used to it.

Fast forward. January of this year, a B2B marketing company hired me as a part time Virtual Assistant. I make myself available for 4 hours a day. I thought it wasn’t easy because I used to interact with people in person. But then, that has changed day-by-day. I’m happy to share with you some of my tricks working from home! Jeez, COVID-19 forced us to adapt drastically!

6 Tricks to Master Your Work from Home

1. Creativity and Imagination at Work

An article suggested pretending like you are going into the office. Yes! I did this! And it works magically! You are required to put your creativity and imagination at work. Think about going out, traveling, and reaching your workplace at the office. Continue your preparation routine. Wake up the time you are waking up and so on. Pretend that you are actually going to work. Or else you will find yourself stuck in bed.

Believe it or not, I take a good routine on this. I must take a shower, dress up a little bit (coz I might get an on-the-spot video conferencing from my boss, so… you’ll never know!) and drink my coffee! Getting what I mean?

2. Have a Workplace

Find your most comforting working spot at your home. Consider this as your official office working station or cabin. Go back to number 1 – Yes! Imagine it’s your new workstation. This is one of my challenges because sometimes I want to work in bed or at one corner in my bedroom, sometimes at the dining area. My advice, please pick one place.

Because, the best way to focus is having a space that is only intended for work.  Remember you will be stuck at home for 2-3 weeks or more because of COVID-19.  

3. Secure a Plan

When you are in the office, it takes time to orient yourself and figure out how to start your day. Especially now, you are working from home! If you secure a plan, then this will ensure that you understand and know what tasks you need to do or whatnot. The productivity of working from home can be as great as when you are in a regular office if you know how to play strategically. You will only get a good strategic move if you have a plan. Since my part-time work requires me to check several time zones, I must plan my weekly to-do list.

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4. Put a Schedule and Keep it

Commitment is a key. Part of your planning is to come up with a good schedule and stick to it. Keep in mind: No nonsense! Check the schedules being given by your office. Tally. If you are working for a business outsourcing industry, it will be easier for you because your report analyst or boss will make the schedules. If not, again, go back to number one! Being creative and imaginative to forecast the day’s activities. Know your to-do-list and start scheduling them one at a time. The schedule will also help you battle procrastination, which is a great defiler of productivity.

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5. Set Limits

Your family and friends may not understand that your work is as important as when you are in the office. They might ask you to do some errands or invite you to some fun activities since most of you are at home due to the quarantine period. However, this should not stop you if you will set limits. Anticipate and avoid distractions. Remove distractions such as your smartphone that entice you to check your social media account now and then.

6. Enjoy Your Independence

You might be afraid of working from home because there’s a bigger chance of facing some issues that requires your superior’s presence. His or her physical presence. Let me tell you to relax. In case of any doubt, all you must do is to drop a message or call. Do not panic. One good opportunity of working from home is to be knowing yourself more as an employee. You will learn how to work by yourself. You will improve your flexibility and resourcefulness navigating the whole day while completing your day-to-day tasks, just like when you are at your regular workplace or office.

My Takeway!

At the end of the day, you need a strong commitment from within. It may not go quite easy at first, but eventually, you will find yourself mastering the art of working from home. It’s my third month working from home this March and every day I find it interesting. I wish you all the best! Stay at home. Keep social distancing. Let’s fight this COVID-19 until the last patient is cured!

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  1. Great tips for homeworkers like myself 🙂 thanks so much for this post of yours.
    I hope that many more would be able to gain good direction from your posts. As for me, I am searching for good sources of home-based employment and I believe that https*******.com/ might be able to give me that chance. Nonetheless, do you have other suggestions I might be able to check somehow?

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