8 Habits of a Responsible Traveler

Everyone can be a traveler but only few can be a ‘Responsible Traveler’.  Since late December 2019 to date, the novel coronavirus has sprawling all over the world rapidly taking thousands of lives!  As of March 16, 2020 situation report of WHO says that there are 150 countries outside China which are afflicted to this novel coronavirus and counting.

One of the reasons why it has rapidly spread is through imported cases – indicates that the case of infection is by having been acquired outside the location of reporting community or place.   Which sounds to me, it boils down to traveling.  So, this is the reason why many countries have imposed strict stay at home quarantine and temporary local and international travel ban to their respective constituents.

In any case, there are still instances that you need to travel to do essential activities like going out buying food or any other necessities like medicines, having the need to physically appear to bank and other financial institution or need to go to work because you might be one of the front-liners (which by the way, I salute your dedication and from the bottom of my heart ‘Thank you so much’!).

So, here are the 8 Habits of a Responsible Traveler helping combat COVID-19!

Coronavirus: 8 Habits of a Responsible Traveler - 52 Stirs Lounge
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1. Avoiding Traveling when Sick

As a responsible traveler, you must think about yourself and the people around you.  Coronavirus or COVID-19 infection is highly contagious hence it is appropriate banning yourself to travel if you feel sick or notice some symptoms manifesting in your body.  In case your illness has escalated to having high fever and difficulty in breathing, then it is a must to seek your national or local healthcare authorities.

2. Avoiding Close Contact

Social distancing is the new craze today!  It’s better to keep distance first until the last COVID-19 patient is cured.  Keeping a meter away distance or more will lessen the chance of getting infected or transmitting the virus.

Avoid close contact to dead and sick animals too.  Report any of these to the authorities if you encounter.

3. Keeping Yourself Clean

Don’t touch your face, nose, and mouth!  Frequent hand washing with running water and soap, utilizing alcohol-based sanitizer is a must.  You tend to hold the dirtiest surfaces and things around you like stair handles, doorknobs, cash, cards, suitcases, luggage bags, and so on.  Frequently disinfect your things too!  You can clean your mobile phones, laptop, other electronic devices and so on.  And of course, maintaining over all good hygiene! 

4. Respecting Your Environment

Strictly observe coughing and sneezing etiquette.  If you are sick, then use face mask to control droplets coming out from your nose or mouth.  Covering by your bended elbow is a must in case you do not have face mask or ready tissue.  Strictly observe proper disposal of your used face mask, tissues, handkies, and utensils.  Do not spit on the ground.

5. Being Transparent

If you are traveling and fell sick (suspecting it’s a coronavirus), inform the authorities.  Disclose all necessary information to them so they will be able to help you appropriately.  Coronavirus is a serious problem as it was declared pandemic by WHO.  Do not be afraid in sharing your travel history for the past two or three weeks. Authorities and healthcare personnel are here to help you.

6. Keeping a Proper Eating Habit

As a responsible traveler, you must also be aware of what you consume and take in your body.  It’s okay trying new foods but only buy from restaurants that has valid health and trade licenses and certificates.  Eat healthy and properly cooked food. Remember that prevention is better than cure. Good food means good health.

7. Being Relevant

As a responsible traveler, being alert and up to date is important.  Ignorance is an illness too.  Stay relevant and share only verified information to family and friends.  Verified information can be acquired from WHO and your national and local authorities.  Watch, read, and listen!

8. Staying at Home

As a responsible traveler, you fully understand the red line.  You fully respect and willingly abide rules and help everyone to combat this novel coronavirus!  If there’s no necessity to travel, then, better stay at home! 😉

What’s your experience traveling amid coronavirus outbreak?  I love to hear from you!  Share your story and suggestions about it on the comments section below. ✍️ 

Coronavirus: 8 Habits of a Responsible Traveler - 52 Stirs Lounge
Pin Me! Coz’ Sharing is Loving!

Reference: WHO

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