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What does Depression really mean? I thought that is just a fancy way of excusing oneself from responsibilities. I thought that depression is the best defense to run away from obligations. I thought that people who have this are just trying to excuse themselves. I was completely wrong! Until I, myself, and some who are close to me had gone through this mental disturbance.

It’s a serious menace.

What is Depression?

As per MayoClinic, depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and interest loss. It affects our feelings, how we think, behave and leads to various emotional and physical problems. People who have such a condition may have trouble performing normal day-to-day activities, and there are times that they may feel as if life is worthless. The worst is it can lead to a suicidal situation. That’s how serious it can be.

I remember someone told me about excluding himself from others and of the outside world. He opted to choose to be alone all the time to the point that even his own family couldn’t understand why he is shutting himself off. Another someone so dear to me once experienced this tragic feeling. I see her as a perfect example of being a mother of two beautiful boys, but she saw a different woman looking in the mirror. She avoided herself, and she taught that she is not worthy of being a mother.

What are the Signs of having a Depression?

According to Healthline, symptoms of depression may vary among men, women, and children. Yes! Even children can acquire this uninvited constant ‘blues. For some, they thought that because they are just kids, it’s normal. Think again.

Here are some common signs for children:

  • Inappropriate mood swings, anger, crying
  • A feeling of incompetence at an early age, sadness
  • Inappropriate behavior like frequent trouble in school, avoiding having friends or siblings, thought about suicide or hurting and or killing someone

Here are some common signs for women:

  • Inappropriate moods like anger, aggressiveness, irritability, anxiousness, restlessness
  • A feeling of emptiness, sadness, and hopeless
  • Inappropriate behaviors, like loss of interest, withdrawing from social engagements, thoughts of suicide
  • Inappropriate cognitive abilities like loss of a proper way of thinking
  • Sleep disorders
  • Deterioration of physical well-being

Here are some common signs for men:

  • Inappropriate moods like anger, aggressiveness, irritability, anxiousness, restlessness
  • A feeling of emptiness, sadness, and hopeless
  • Inappropriate behaviors, such as loss of interest, no longer finding pleasure in favorite activities, feeling tired easily, thoughts of suicide, drinking excessively, using drugs, engaging in high-risk activities
  • Reduced of sexual desire
  • Inappropriate cognitive abilities, like inability to concentrate, difficulty completing tasks, delayed responses during conversations
  • Sleep disorders
  • Constant fatigue, pains, headache, digestive problems

Yes! He basically shut himself off from everyone. His work performance has declined tremendously to the point of losing his job, which once before his bread and butter. Her relationship with her sons is deteriorating because of her constant loss of interest in things that shouldn’t be the case. She felt like she’s not doing enough.

What Causes of Depression?

According to WebMD, several factors cause depression. To name a few, one can have one of these or any combination:

  • Abuse
  • Certain medications
  • Conflict
  • Death or Loss
  • Genetics
  • Major events
  • Personal problems
  • Serious illnesses
  • Abuse of substance

Okay, you get it.  You are depressed, now what?

Of course, you do not want just to be stuck in there. You want to get back on track. You want You. But how? This is my question and my friends’ question. To say that we must think all the time positively and to always look at the brighter side of the horizon is just absurd! How can someone who is not able to think properly can recognize things positively?

I read an article that suggested to practice these coping skills every day. 

1. Your Meaning – Helping others.

You have a purpose in life! Someone definitely needs your existence! This is one of the triggering wake-up calls of my friend, who has two beautiful boys. She came to realize that no one needs her more than her sons, who are just starting their lives and need guidance from a parent like her. True happiness is not just about caring for yourself; it’s about finding yourself serving others – either small or big things. She also took a job that will help her household sustain their financial needs. She contributed. What is your purpose?

2. Set goals – Having a sense of accomplishment.

Little by little, set your goals. Completing something useful for yourself and others is a great feeling. This will also support your purpose. Your goals should be SMART.

  • Specific – target a precise goal for improvement
  • Measurable – there should be an indicator of progress
  • Achievable – something that you can attain
  • Realistic – something that is truthful and result-based
  • Time-related – there should be a timeline

One good example is new year’s resolutions. You get stressed out because you are unable to practice and commit to your new year’s resolutions. But the question is, are they SMART?

3. Enjoyable Events – start engaging yourself with enjoyable activities or events.

Don’t wait for the right time to get your mood. Now is the right time! You don’t need to go to big events or gatherings to engage yourself. Go back to activities that make you happy. I remember someone who loves to talk about faith and religion. To conquer depression, he fought his fears, went outside, and visited shrines and temples. He prayed and meditated. He found freedom from depression little by little. At the same time, he met different walks of life that inspired him to strive even better!

4. Engagement: Stay in the present.

Looking back once is enough. It’s okay to commit a mistake. You are human. But continuously self-judging will not help you. Instead, work yourself to the present. Yesterday is done, today is important, and so is tomorrow. What is important is that you have learned from the past that you can help you deal today and fix tomorrow.

5. Exercise and eat right.

A sound mind means having healthy well-being. Physical well-being contributes to our mental well-being. So, be active. Schedule an exercise. Eat the right food.

6. Relationships – be with people who lift you up.

Avoid toxic relationships, rather surround yourself with people who can motivate and inspire you to better yourself. It’s alright to be alone at times but do not self-isolate. Don’t deprive yourself of being with your family, friends, colleagues, and society. Again, you are here because of a purpose.

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7. Have a decent Sleep.

Some neglect sleeps. I’m afraid that’s not right. Give yourself time to recover from physical fatigue. The quality of your sleep affects your mental and physical health and how you deal with your daily activities. You can check my previous blog about 7 Boosters to Improve Sleep and Manage Anxiety and The Dos and Don’ts for Night Shift Employees, which talks about sleep.

My Takeaway…

Remember that no one can help you but yourself. If something is escalating that concerns your physical or mental health, always consult your doctor. If you feel like talking to someone else first, you can discuss it with your loved ones. But even your doctor nor your family or friend cannot help you if you will not help yourself. The amount of “willingness” you are giving is significant to your progress. It’s not simple, definitely hard work, but it’s more than worth it. It’s a combination of willingness, action, commitment, and consistency of you. I believe in you. You can do it.

What are you waiting for?  Let’s do this!

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References: MayoClinic, Healthline, Webmd, Intermountainhealthcare, Friends’ Stories

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