8 Habits of a Happy Employee

Happiness at work is important because your state has a tremendous impact on your success. It reflects your productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency. A happy employee helps to improve output and contributes to the company’s success.

However, even if you already have a lucrative position or have the best people around you, it doesn’t guarantee your happiness as an employee. It takes proper mind setting, courage, and good habits to be happy at work.

It took me more than 8 years to understand myself as an employee and what habits I need to work on to achieve and maintain happiness at work.

Eight Habits of a Happy Employee

1. Less Talk

They say that ‘less talk, less mistake’. That is true! I always get frustrated when my client gets mad, and things go complicated just because of one little information I let him know. I felt that I must be transparent, so he will be able to understand things. But that is not true! Yes. It’s important to be transparent. But you must know which information is useful in a scenario or whatnot. It means not all should be spoken.

It’s better to improve your listening skill for you to understand more.  Less talk, less mistake, less complication.  This also applies to personal life.  Sometimes there are things that better off unspoken to prevent fights, misunderstanding, and confusion.

2. Help Others

One of the best feelings is when you can genuinely help others. Small things count! I remember we have relocated our head office. Our internet and phone lines weren’t working at the new office location; hence I had limitations completing my regular tasks. Also, I literally have nothing to do because they are still working on the renovation of the new office during that time. Everything was a mess. One of our Directors, (the owner of the company) visited to see the renovation work, and he saw me sweeping the floor!

He was like, ‘Why is she sweeping?!’ “She’s our Admin Officer! Our Facility Coordinator!” I came to him and said, ‘Sir, it’s okay. I have nothing to do for now. Besides, this will help the workers setting our parquet faster.’ Fast forward. Our boss recognized that small helping hand I have done, and he always inspires other employees to do the same, citing me as an example because of that moment.

Leaving your workstation clean and neat is a huge help for your office cleaner. Helping others by making coffee or tea can put a smile to your colleagues. Small things count!

3. No to Nonsense

Spending so much time to nonsense makes you nonsense. To be happy at work, it’s better to put your time and energy to tasks that will improve your skills and give you competencies. Surround yourself with people who have creative and innovative mindsets. Spend your time with people who value work ethics and morale.

4. Learn Daily

Like I always say in my other blogs, learning must be constant. Every day is a new beginning. Every day is an opportunity to acquire new knowledge. Every day is a chance to improve your self professionally and personally. Suppose your boss asked you to do something new to you, don’t be afraid. Say yes to the challenge.

I was a facility coordinator for more than 2 years in the Middle East. I normally do paperwork, liaising between clients and management, and assisting our GM or accountant, basically at the office. One time, I was asked to visit a renovation site because of a client’s complaints! I was so nervous because I don’t know what to expect. That client was big. He was an engineer from a huge company in the Middle East, and we are renovating his home! And yes! He has complaints about our work, and I’m not an engineer nor a project manager!

Fast forward. The meeting was genuinely good! I met the wife. They are welcoming. They showed and explained to me their concerns about the work, and I took note. I never even say a thing! I just listened! I realized my first point—less talk. At times, you don’t even need to provide the solution right away because the only solution is to listen. That has brought a good relationship because they said, at first, they thought that no one from our company is ready to listen to them, but I was literally there and lent my ears to them.

5. Appreciate

Be appreciative. It doesn’t cost you anything. Small things or big things. If someone has helped you, greeted you, share their thoughts with you, shared their opinions, either negative or positive, appreciate it. It means you matter! Why are they going to give time on you if you don’t matter? Even if that is a criticism! Appreciate these criticisms because these are vital to your success too!

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6. Act

Let’s be honest! No matter how hard you hope or how hard you pray! Nothing will happen if you slack. So, ACT! Please do it now. Take action. No one else will do the trick for you. If you don’t want to be picked during meetings, then do something that improves you.

7. Don’t Show Off

While taking your goals into action is great but let me remind you not to show off. Always stay humble. I admire my previous GM on this; he never takes the credit. He always put the credits to his team. He doesn’t show off; rather, he always appreciates. Everybody is happy!

Useful reads: The Virtue of Humbleness, Why to Humble?

8. Consistency

Let me tell you that items one to seven are nothing if you don’t have consistency. Consistency allows you to determine the thin line between success and failure. Between frustration and happiness! You will be able to do the measurement. How is your performance? Do you bring good results? Consistency will improve your accountability. Being consistent in achieving your goals day after day will lead to a better week’s result. Achieving your goals week after week will lead to a better month’s result and so on. Consistency set your reputation as an employee. Do you flop or succeed? Consistency makes you relevant. Your colleague will recognize your impact and contribution to your team’s and company’s success.

My Takeaway!

I guarantee that these eight simple habits will make you happier as an employee! I was once there! I experience questioning myself because of work frustrations. But changing my attitude and embracing these habits helped me tremendously.

Bottom line, it’s still up to you how much will you are ready to give in to make all these suggestions happened. It’s still up to you to allow yourself to improve or be a prisoner of blues at work. My dear Lounger, start now. I know you can, and you will!

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