Villa Angela Heritage House

My beastie and I randomly just agreed and planned to have a weekend getaway last January 25-26, 2020.  It was our first-weekend getaway this year!  Since she and her family haven’t been to the North of Luzon, we decided to visit Vigan City!  And yes, it’s my second time visiting this UNESCO wonder place!

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Where to find Villa Angela Heritage House?

I was basically tasked to book our accommodation.  Since we have a 2-year-old baby girl with us and a family car, my main concern should be the distance from the tourist spots in Vigan and a parking space.  We are four adults and a baby; thus, we preferred a big family room.  We are all excited because this is our first time going out of town together with baby Camille!

So, I found Villa Angela Heritage House, which is situated at 26 Quirino Blvd., Gen. Tinio, Vigan City, Ilocos Sur.  This accommodation house met my first requirements.  It has free spacious parking in front of the heritage house and is only a few meters away from the main attractions of Vigan!  You can literally walk around and wander with ease even if you are with a baby.

The most popular tourist attraction nearby is Calle Crisologo, which is only 290 meters away!  Other nearby landmarks which you can wander are as follows:

  • Syquia Mansion – 150 m
  • Syquia Mansion Museum – 180 m
  • Pagburnayan – 190 m
  • Vigan Heritage Village – 200 m
  • Crisologo Museum – 220 m

Villa Angela is also only 360 meters away from Dominion Bus Station and 380 meters away from Union Bank of the Philippines.  So, if you are going there by bus, it’s an easy stop.  And you don’t need to worry about getting funds in case you need extra because it is a nearby bank.

A great vintage experience at Villa Angela Heritage House

I would say that we had a great time staying at Villa Angela Heritage House.  As soon as you enter the front gate, you will feel the 1600’s vibe.  It’s like going back and experiencing history!  It has a big entrance lawn with pavement in the middle.  You will be welcomed by the beautiful stairways going up to the second floor of the house.  Our room was on the 2nd floor.  At the entrance door, you will be welcomed by the gorgeous antique furniture, beautiful wooden parquet, mesmerizing bizarre pictures, and collectibles!  Your eyes will grow big looking at the things around you. 

We are so happy because our room perfectly fits our requirements!  It was cozy and you will really feel the old-time vibe.  When you are in Vigan, the atmosphere should be old-fashioned like the Spanish Era mood.  This place did not fail our expectations.  Even our beds have white thin clothes that act as a mosquito net!  It was so cute!  Baby Camille explored the place, especially since she is not used of seeing such things as we do!

Villa Angela’s staffs were friendly to us.  They were also informative in terms of what to visit and whatnot around Vigan and Ilocos Sur.  You also have the option to cook there since they have a kitchen.  You can just simply ask for assistance from staff and they will assist you.  It has free WIFI in all rooms, they have laundry service, smoking area, luggage storage, all rooms are air conditioned and you have an option to just simply open up the windows if you prefer natural air, rooms have a TV with cable channels, towels, shower area.  Its convenience is above par!  Pets are not allowed though and since the area is full of plants and trees, there are a lot of mosquitoes.  Good thing we have off lotions and we use our mosquito nets inside our room!

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Overall, I highly recommend this place as your accommodation when you’ll visit Vigan City.  It’s affordable, ranging from 1,800 PHP to 3,000 PHP which is only 35-60 USD per night.  Yet you will get a priceless experience and the place is super convenient.  We love our stay and we look forward to returning to this place!

Villa Angela Heritage House -
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