Fight for Your Faith

Quran 2:190 (Surah-Al Baqarah)

Fight in the cause of Allah those who fight you, but do not transgress limits; for Allah loveth not transgressors.

I love this passage from the Quran, which is in Surah-Al Baqarah 190. Some people thought that in religion, we should always “fight” for what we believe in because it pleases our God Almighty—for some, even to the point of killing whoever opposes. This chapter (Surah-Al Baqarah) verse 190 is so delicate that it may result in a regrettable situation if someone misconceives it.

Fight for Your Faith

I love it because it reminds us – Believers that we must always fight for our faith. What does it mean to fight for our faith? It means to fight against our own ungodly desires. To fight against our lustful desires that will negatively impact our relationship with God Almighty. It reminds us to always limit ourselves from breaking God’s law. It reminds us to be humble and not violate someone’s freedom of choice in terms of faith and yet to protect our own faith.

How wonderful is that?


Yes, I am a believer! A Christian believer. And part of my obligation is to understand and promote tolerance. After all, it’s not for us to decide whether someone of the same or different faith is doing what is right or wrong. Only God has that supreme authority. I love to share and talk about faith and spirituality that will nurture our relationship with God and others.

Reading the Quran and understanding others faith is amazingly fascinating! We tend to appreciate our differences and learn more about our spiritual relationship with God if we do. Have you tried reading the Quran? Are you reading it? What is your favorite chapter and or verse? Tell me about it.

Fight for Your Faith - 52StirsLounge
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