Stand Up!

A year and 2 months ago, I was battling with fear.  Fear of sickness.  Fear of rejection.  Fear of uselessness.  Fear of separation.  Because of hormonal imbalance and HPV66 I have not stopped bleeding.  I lost huge amount of blood.  I cannot even sit up straight or else I will faint.  I collapsed twice!

I am not ready to die.  I need to fulfill a lot of plans for me, for us.  I don’t want to be away from my hubby.  We have plans.  Now, I am sick.  I’m becoming a problem instead of solution.  We are in the middle east, far away from our home country.  It’s only the two of us.  He has job to attend.  At the same time, he is worried about my condition.  I am sick, I lost my job, I am deteriorating.  It was a life-threatening condition.  My hemoglobin count went down to 6.5 when the normal count for women is 12.0 to 15.5 grams per deciliter.

Stand Up - 52 Stirs Lounge
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Fast forward!

I can’t believe that was a year and 2 months ago!  Today, I am here writing, healthy, happy, and excited to discover what life will bring me!  I stood up!  I fought it!  It was never easy, and it was a roller coaster ride.  I am thankful that my hubby supported me.  He never left!  I will also never forget the people who have good hearts that helped me and my hubby.  In time of crisis!

If you are in a bad situation while reading this, don’t lose hope.  Don’t be afraid.  Fight for the right cause!  Stand up! Because that is cause is You. And for your love ones!  Your problem maybe health, financial, relationship, opportunity, or perhaps the whole world might be against you now.  But, look at the brighter side of the horizon. 

Stand up! And Fight!  You Will!

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