10 Road Trip Essentials inside Your Car

Long driving is one of the coolest things to do as a traveler!  If you want an unprecedented adventure, then you should plan to travel by land with your own vehicle to an never been visited place.  Probably a week state to state visit.  Province to province.  You will learn a lot of things! From learning new routes, visiting new places and knowing their cultures and traditions!  Learning to eat new variety of foods and meeting new people!

Well aside from bringing your driver license, monies or cards, phones, extra clothes and all that; but hey! Here are the ten road trip essentials you need inside your car before driving!

10 Road Trip Essentials

Offline GPS or Map

This is important especially when visiting places that you haven’t been to.  There are many apps out there that works even offline.  Better to have one because not all the times you get signal through your mobile phone and has data.  If the internet is off, at least you still have an available offline GPS that you can work with through your way.  If you are in Russia, Kazakhstan, Italy, Czech Republic, Chile, The UAE, Kyrgyzstan, Cyprus and Ukraine I recommend 2GIS.  It works both online and offline. It also gives information such as toll gate fees, distance, name of the building and even names of shops inside the buildings and their contact details.

Food and Water

This is a survival kit!  Most of the time, the next stop is too far, and you don’t want to get starved.  Either you are the driver or the passenger, you must eat in a timely manner.  This is to help your body recharged and overcome fatigue. 

First Aid Kit

Medicines are important when roving.  You may include alcohol, insect repellent and wipes in your kit especially when you are with kids.  While we don’t want to meet Mr. Accident, but you will never know when they come handy.

SOS Device

Flashlights, whistles, and other SOS devices are a-must.  Another life saver is having a swiss army knife set with bottle opener.  Such is a work wonders in case you need to make an improvised stuff that will resolve whatever that you need to do like cooking, opening a can or bottle, or trying to make a tent.

Spare Tire

Yes! This is important along with other car emergency kit.  Even if you recently have tuned-up your car before the scheduled long trip, it’s still best to be ready.  Prepare for Murphy’s law!

Audio Books

Aside from your music playlist, it’s better to have audio books!  This basically the reason why, you do long drive. To relax and contemplate.  So, take this opportunity to listen to that inspirational book you missed to read.  You can also opt to listen to some motivational podcasts!  Better to listen to scriptures or anything a like.  I’m following a podcast about biblical theology – you might what to check it here.


Neck pillow or any comfy pillow that can give you relaxation when you need to rest.  Anytime of the day, if sleep calls you, then you can simply side park in a safety place where you can take a rest for at least 60 minutes to regain strength.  Remember, don’t drive when you are sleepy!


Okay! This is my must have! Especially when I know that I won’t sleep at home.  I must have my blankie with me! 😊 Sometimes for some weird reasons, even if you are already sleepy and wanting to take a rest – you simply can’t.  Your body is looking your own sweet home.  So, to counter that, you can have your blankie that will tell your body that you’re at home even away from home.

Cash for Tolls

This is also important.  There are city tolls or even borders that will require you to pay cash.  So might as well save some cash for emergency.

Car Windshield Sunshade UV Ray Reflector

Another must have!  You also need to protect your car’s inside.  At times, you don’t have a choice but to park somewhere beneath the scorching heat of the sun.  The UV ray reflector will help you minimize the heat going through inside your car.

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  1. Love this! just had a road trip for me and the family over the last few days, I know we had all this stuff. The best thing I’ve invested in is a SunPass – for tolls in Florida. Don’t know why I went so long without it!

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