6 Unusual Ways to Leverage Your Valentines Date

Leverage your Valentines Date..

Roses are red, violets are blue, would you be my Valentine’s date so I would not get blue?

January is almost done, and Valentine’s day is a few sleeps away!  Let’s get ready to celebrate the day with our loved ones.  But, would it be the usual diner dates with roses or watching a love story movie in the cinema? Let me give the six unusual ways but definitely will leverage your valentines date!

1. Give your Lover an unlimited Surprises for a week!

Yes! A full blown week of Valentine surprises this year 2020!  Starts on Monday, that’s February 10 up until Friday which is the February 14 (Valentine’s day).  So, from Monday to Friday give your lover some romantic surprises and have a full blast on the day itself.

  • Monday.  You can cook for him or her and have a fantastic dinner date with candles at home.  If you cannot cook, it’s fine.  Order his or her favorite take-aways and prepare them in a nice dining table.  No need to be fancy!  The simpler, the better.  You can also buy stuffs and cook together!  It’s time get dirty together and munch afterwards.
  • Tuesday.  Send him or her a cheesy playful romantic post card at work.  Your lover will be surprised!
  • Wednesday.  Surprise him or her with a romantic massage after work.   And while massaging your lover, do not forget to compliment.  It will be a great night for both of you indeed!
  • Thursday. Surprise him or her with a flower!  I personally love giving my hubby banquet of white roses and he does truly madly deeply in-love! Especially on his least expected occurrence.
  • Friday.  This is the ultimate date, this time, if you have kids, then spend them with your kids as a family.  If none, spend it with your family, relatives, or friends who doesn’t have especial someone to spend to.  Remember Valentines means loving, and loving means to give love to all.  Your lover will love the memory that both of you will create on this special day.

2. Adapt a Dog or a Cat!

6 Unusual Ways to Leverage Your Valentines Date - 52StirsLounge
Photo by Helena Lopes on Pexels.com

Surprise your partner with a fur baby!  Both of you can decide the name of your fur baby while on a lunch or dinner date with your new family member.  After all, valentine’s day is love for all.  Besides, owning a pet may give you a lot of health benefits!  It helps minimize blood pressure, cholesterol levels, lessen the feeling of loneliness when your partner is away, increased your sociability and give you more indoor or outdoor activities.  So, mark the date!  February 14, 2020 will be your date to animal shelter adapting a lovely cute fluffy pet!

3. Have a long drive together!

Go out!  Utilize the weekend and have fun.  There are a lot of beautiful places to go.  If you have savings for travel, then you can book a flight somewhere in the Middle East!  Visit Dubai, UAE.  Or perhaps you want to visit South East.  Otherwise, you can do a long drive from state to state.  Check your bucket list for travel.  Start planning and packing together.  You have a week to prepare all things and maximize the weekend together!

4. Be a Partner Volunteers!  

Valentine’s day is a day of love.  So, it’s amazing and romantic to get together and give back to less privilege.  Perhaps you can prepare a lunch meal or dinner meal to homeless or visit old age home.  Return something to the nature. Make a green community! Both of you will have a sense of morality and absolutely mold a meaningful memory together.  What a noble valentine’s day for both!

5. Redo and Make Over Your Room!

Do a general cleaning together.  Redesign your room.  Make it more romantic.  Be creative.  Do it not just as couple but a team.  Couples that do together, stays together!  You can also learn new stuff about your partner.  Sometimes because of our busy lifestyle due to work and responsibilities we miss to see that our partner’s preferences are changing.  This is  a good chance for you to catch up and re-learn each other’s.

6. Catch a Sunrise and Sunset in the Beach and take photographs!

Absolutely a romantic way to start  and end your day.  And take photographs together.  By taking photographs, you will be able to document the wonderful memories of your time together!  Again, seize the weekends.  February 14th this year is perfect!

My Takeaway!

I hope I was able to give you an idea how to leverage your Valentine’s day!  At the end of the day,  it’s not about extravagant or lavish gifts or dates but celebration of life and togetherness.  Celebration of having a wonderful person with you supporting each other in every single way!

6 Unusual Ways to Leverage Your Valentines Date - 52StirsLounge
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