A Complete Guide to Charity Work

Charity work is a generous act of helping the poor, ill, or less privileged. The practice of charity means voluntary, extending a helping hand to those in need as a humanitarian act. These are the common thoughts that come to our mind when we hear the words charity, donation, or the phrase charity work.

I understood the same until I read the scriptures.  My perspective has changed over time.  Charity is beyond charity, gifts, or aid.  Today, many use charity as a controlling tool to manipulate others.  Prominent men use charity to gain self-interest.  Crooks use charity to scam. Unfortunately, men use charity for easy money. 

As a believer, I am seriously concerned.  I understand that part of our social obligation is to practice charity.  On the other hand, I don’t want to get scammed by someone who acts as if they are indigent.  My husband and I work hard to earn.  We want to ensure that we put a value on the things we spend and give.  I don’t want to show off and be arrogant when helping others.  I want to help the deprived and inspire others to do the same.  But how?

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What does the Bible say about Charity?

A Complete Guide to Charity Work - 52StirsLounge
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  • Luke 6:38, Give, and it will be given to you.
  • Proverbs 19:17, Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward them for what they have done.
  • Acts 20:35, In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’
  • Matthew 25:35, I was hungry, and you gave me something to eat. I was thirsty, and you gave me something to drink. I was a stranger, and you took me into your home.

These were just the few Bible verses that tell us how significant charity is.  I learned that charity means giving out LOVE with the purest intention from the heart.  We don’t need to be rich to give love.  As Mike Huckabee said, “We ought to be people of compassion. And being people of compassion means we deny ourselves, and our self-centeredness”.  It means giving and extending help without expecting something in return.  It means that God’s grace is for everybody.  You’re responsible for spreading the blessings given to you.

What does the Bible say about Laziness?

  • Proverbs 10:04, Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth.
  • 1 Timothy 5:8, Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.
  • Proverbs 20:4, The sluggard does not plow in the autumn; he will seek at harvest and have nothing.

Laziness, idleness, and being sluggard must not be the reason for charity nor to give.  The scriptures teach us not to beg but to work hard.  It teaches us not to sit but to stand on our feet.  It teaches us to be productive and fruitful; for ourselves, our family, and others.

How to know if it’s a genuine Charity?

The instant feeling of Compassion.

An instant feeling of compassion is something like love at first sight.  I was busy doing my errands at the mall in the year 2013 when a woman walked in towards me, calling my attention.  She quickly showed me some paper works and briefly told me her cause.  For some unexplainable reason, in an instant, I “felt the need to do something.”  Later that day, up to the present and future, I’m humbled that this charitable institution has enabled me to be a helping hand to less privileged children in the Philippines.  Once you have felt compassion regardless of the situation, do not hesitate.  It’s a call that you need to attend immediately.

An Eye-Opener Situation.  

An eye-opener situation means it’s an obvious situation.  People who genuinely are in need do not beg.  They work hard. But because of uncontrollable circumstances, they are unable to gain the same privileges as others.  I admire my hubby on this.  He always has the initiative to give others a smile on their faces.    Every time a situation gives him an opportunity, he never fails.

We ate in a restaurant and he ordered some takeaway before leaving.  I asked him why, and he smiled, took my hand, and said, ‘come.’  We went out on our way, and nearby he gave the take away to an older man resting on the sidewalk. He was selling some handicraft merch under the scorching heat.

If you saw, heard, or came to know that someone is in need regardless of the situation, don’t hesitate to help.  It reminds me of a saying in our urban “akakit mu neng magkasakit, eme pa sopan?” (you have already seen him struggling, why not help?).  Please don’t wait for them to ask you.  Have the initiative to help.

Charity: Intention and Cause

It is crucial to have a genuine intention and cause when giving and helping.  Why do you help?  Why do you provide?  Why do you share?  Why do you support it?  Why do you assist?  The scripture says that in everything we do, we must put our hearts on it.  Our intention must please our God Almighty.  If these are what reflect in your act, then, bless your heart!  You are genuinely doing the true meaning of charity.

Charity at Lost

It makes me lonely when I see people who take advantage of the charity.  Prominent men like Politicians, for instance.  Most of them flash their names in school, in communities, on banners, even on TVs saying donated by “their Name.”  Some organized groups use children to beg for them.  They even hurt them by blinding them purposely or cutting off their limbs to make them beg in the streets.  Some people plead for easy money.  They don’t want to toil; instead, they want to get instant relief from necessities.  Some help because they want recognition.  A publicity service.  Some help because they want the spotlight.

My Takeaway!

It is between you and God Almighty.  But my humble advice is ‘always give love to others.’  Grab every opportunity.  Do not hesitate. Stop the ‘what ifs.’  It’s a call.  It’s one of the best feelings ever!  Helping others with the purest intention will change you to become the best of you.  It will give you a sense of maturity and wisdom.  It gives life and purpose.

What is your story? I love to hear from you!

A Complete Guide to Charity Work - 52StirsLounge
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  1. I really enjoyed that blog post since I love helping people in like learning about different things about helping.


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