4 Vital Signs You Need to Resign

One of our goals is to grow and be stable in the company we are working with. Every time we see a champion employee who started from the bottom and worked hard way up high the organization’s ladder, it always inspires us. But certain circumstances forced us to think several times and question ourselves if we are in the correct position to continue or stop. I once caught myself experiencing such a situation. Asking myself if I deserve to stay or stop.

I love my job! I get to learn new things every day. Working in a facility management industry trained me to be patient, flexible, and communicate with different profiles. I’ve acquired effective administration and time management. It made me happy meeting different walks of life, learning from them. I have met amazing co-workers. Despite all these, it came to the point that I was exhausted, confused, and discouraged. I end up re-evaluating everything professionally and personally.

Are you in that position now? Do you know someone in the same position? These factors led me to the hot spot of deliberating pros and cons and asking myself if I need to gamble and continue or if I need to stop and resign.

4 Vital Signs You Need to Know when Resigning

#1. Differences in Principles

Goals are important. Results are important. The way you will plan, execute, and achieve these goals are important too. This is basically why every organization big or small has a mission and vision to keep them on track. They have core values which aligns them with being responsible and accountable in all aspect of a business. When these core values are no longer a mirror of your principles, then it is time to stop. Why? Because it’s already a question in your morale. You don’t want to stay where you tend to ask yourself if you are doing the right or legal way when completing your tasks; if you are working for a good cause or for a company that will lead you in a deep madness.

#2. Non-Sustainable

Having a kind and understanding boss is a pleasant relief for an employee. But “kindness and understanding” cannot pay off bills. Let’s be honest; we work for a living. We have a family to feed, bills to pay, and other expenses to settle. On the other hand, if you’re being promoted by position and workloads alone and not economically, then that’s something else. It’s time for you to stop. Sadly, some abusive employers are so entitled to use and misuse their employees. They enjoy the fruit of labors for themselves alone instead of sharing it to their deserving employees.

I deem it’s not the employee’s duty to demand or beg for an increment. It is the duty of the management or employer to give appraisals and give-back to his worthy and reliable employees.

#3. Abusive Management or Colleagues

There are times that you must work as an individual and as a team. We understand that. However, there shouldn’t be a one-person team. It should be a collective effort. When we say ‘team’, everyone is working to achieve a common goal that will benefit everybody. If you are already in the position of being exploited, then you must stop. No one is entitled to abuse your kindness and efforts.

#4. Health Investment

To work efficiently and effectively, you must have a sound mind, body, and soul. It means you are mentally, physically, and spiritually healthy. On the other hand, when these are already being invested, then it is a big sign for you to submit that resignation letter.

I recalled. I was in the position of not being able to get a decent lunch break during office hours because of the workloads I needed to handle. I could not sleep well every night because my mind is constantly thinking of what is my to-do-list next working day and how will I be able to resolve all existing and forecasted concerns. I felt punishment every day because of the stress and fatigue I’m getting from my everyday work. It was overwhelming! I didn’t have the chance to recover. Little by little, my health has deteriorated. So, I stop without hesitation! Remember that your health is essential. No medicine can bring back the best in you; there will always be a scar if you will continue.


Now let me ask you. Are you experiencing these? Do you know someone who is currently experiencing these four factors stated? If yes, then don’t hesitate. When is the Right Time to Resign? NOW. Don’t be afraid of losing earnings, losing positions, losing friends at work, because losing “YOU” is dangerous than losing anything else. Better to be in a position that you are happy and in-love of what you’re doing. Wasting your time and pushing yourself in a risky pit is dangerous. Take a rest, recover, and find a new home where you can freely work passionately while earning decently.

4 Vital Signs You Need to Resign - 52StirsLounge
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