The ‘How’ of Time Management

Most of the companies nowadays are requiring employees to be competent multi-tasker. They want to hire someone that is flexible and has the ‘can-do’ approach on whatever task required by the business. However, to be an ultimate gamer of multi-tasking one vital skill a candidate must have — Time Management.

What is Time Management?

The ‘How’ of Time Management - 52StirsLounge
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Time management is the process of planning and executing sensible control of time spent on specific activities to rise effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity. Good time management allows you to accomplish more than one task in a shorter time which can give you extra time to detoxify yourself from loads of works. It does not make any sense when you are dealing with a lot of works but you are not able to meet up requirements, no results, and will give you tons of stress and tensions.

What is the “How” of Time Management?

There are lot of methods on how to do effective time management. We have ABCD approach, Pareto Analysis, The Eisenhower Method and POSEC method that can help you improve how to spend your time wisely. However, allow me to share with you a simple system called ‘the priority matrix’ that will easily ease your pain understanding all these academic sound methodologies. As simple as knowing your priorities. There are two basic questions that you need to understand and recognize.

The ‘How’ of Time Management - 52StirsLounge
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  1. How important is the task? Simply break them down into two; high importance vs. low importance.
  2. How urgent is the task? Simply break them down into two; high urgency vs. low urgency.

Once you identified those, there are basic 4 Actions you can proceed on.

  • Action #1 – Prioritize those are of high importance and high urgency tasks. I called these highly critical workloads.
  • Action #2 – Next in line will be high importance and low urgency tasks. You can schedule these tasks in action right after the highly critical ones since they are the next considered critical.
  • Action #3 – Do Later are those of low importance and high urgency tasks. These are the tasks that which you can park for a while and finished off only when needed or deadline are approaching.
  • Action #4 – Action that doesn’t not need an action which are low importance and low urgency. I personally call these as delaying tactics such as chit-chats, browsing social media accounts, anything that distract your focus and divert your attention off from your to-do list.

My Takeaway…

I understand that it will take time for you to adjust and master this system. However, once you are able to incorporate this ‘priority matrix’ in your work lifestyle, I’ll bet it will be very easy for you to practice well versed Time Management.

One of the happiest moments as an employee which I came to understand and feel myself is when you’ve completed some tasks with great results not just for you but for the entire team, without too much stress and tensions.

Professionally or personally it’s up to you. It takes self-discipline and will power to attain good time management. Nevertheless, I would highly recommend you trying the ‘Priority Matrix’ method which has worked for me and will work for you too!

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