6 Types of Toxic Employees to Avoid

Why Should You Avoid Toxic Employees?

We all have that incredible coworker who makes us wonder how our lives would be without them at work. It makes our working environment easy, exciting, and competitive. However, some coworkers can give us headaches and turn our world upside down. Therefore, it’s more practical to say that we should avoid such people because:

  • They are an energy drainer.
  • Learning will become stagnant with them.
  • They can give you a negative emotional, mental, and physical impact.

Who Are These Toxic Employees to Avoid?

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6 Types of Toxic Employees to Avoid - 52StirsLounge
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1. Talkative-Trash-Talkers Employees

Trash-talkers are employees who only discuss gossip and sensitive information. They try to gain your sympathy by spreading rumors about others and telling you stories. Worse, they will force you to trust them to obtain vital information from you. If you give in to them, the next thing you know, you’ll be the face of your company. Don’t be their pawn.

2. Two-Face Employees

Remember Two-Face, the villain from the film Batman? Yes, they are like Two-Face. They combine work and play. They will invite you to a tempting after-work dinner at your favorite restaurant or a weekend party to make friends with you. Finally, you will realize that they only want your trust so that you can be their strong ally at work for their own benefit.

Keep the relationship professional at all times. After-work parties or events are acceptable if they are official events such as team building, year-end parties, or annual Christmas and New Year’s celebrations.

3. Parasitic Employees

You read that correctly! These employees are like parasites, pestering you throughout the day and causing you to fail to complete your to-do list. Yet, you will end up assisting them in completing their tasks on time, not realizing that you are sacrificing your own. These coworkers will compliment your work, efficiency, and ability to multitask. They admire your approach, and in the end, they will ask for “a little help.”

It’s fine to provide help, but it’s preferable to teach your coworkers what they need to know for their job. Sharing your knowledge with coworkers is one way to empower them. However, if you don’t teach them and they have to rely on you all the time, they will take advantage of your generosity.

4. Cry Babies Employees

Because they complain so much, I refer to these employees as cry-babies. They literally whine nonstop from the start of office hours until the end of the shift. They whine incessantly, whether they are small or large work blocks. They cannot find answers for themselves. They will ask for help, and once you offer a solution, they will still see the negativity and complain.

Such employees want to reap all of the benefits for themselves; otherwise, they will air their endless complaints. It is unhealthy to work with coworkers who cannot accept negative outcomes or events that are not in their favor.

5. Laid-back Employees

These employees are constantly at the pantry or at the water dispenser waiting for someone to talk to or who are constantly on their social media accounts even when they are at work. They enjoy putting off everything. They waste time at work by participating in non-work activities rather than focusing on their job to meet deadlines. They don’t know how to respect time, which is not a good development habit.

6. Double-agents Employees

They are known as Brutus, Backstabber, Betrayer, or Double-crosser. They will gain your trust and then abandon you at the end of the day. Loyalty isn’t in their vocabulary as long as something is at stake in their favor. They don’t mind losing you as a colleague at work.

To wrap up!

My experience in the corporate world is now over twelve years and counting. And I met many employees I admire and look up to, and they have taught me valuable life lessons.

It is always best to associate yourself with employees who will help you improve your work skills and personality. On the other hand, become keenly observant of your surroundings and keep a safe distance from the forenamed toxic employees. Be firm with these employees and learn to say ‘No.’ Remember that it is acceptable to make friends at work. You must, however, establish boundaries.

Finally, everyone should be respected regardless of their background, race, color, culture, or beliefs. Associate yourself with employees who genuinely care about their jobs. Because as a team, you can thrive in growth and achieve your objectives.

6 Types of Toxic Employees to Avoid - 52StirsLounge
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