6 Types of Toxic Employees to Avoid

Why to Avoid Toxic Employees?

We all have that great buddy at work that we can’t just imagine how our work-life will be without them. It makes our working environment easy, exciting, and competitive; however, some colleagues can wash out our brains and turn the table upside down for us. It’s practical to say that it’s better for us to avoid such people because:

  • they are energy drainer
  • learning will be stagnant with them and
  • will give you negative impact emotionally, mentally and physically.

1. Talkative-Trash-Talkers

I personally called this type of co-worker trash-talkers because they only talk about gossip and confidential information, which is not supposed to talk about. They try to make friends with you through gossip and tell stories against others to gain your sympathy and, worse, trust to get vital information from you. If you will give in to them, the next thing you know is that you’re the headline of your company. Don’t be their victim.

2. Two-Face Colleagues

Remember the villain named Two-face from Batman the movie? Yes, they are exactly that; they mix work and play. They will invite you for a tempting after-office dinner at your favorite restaurant or movie on the weekends to make friends with you. In the end, you will realize that they intend to get your trust so you can be their strong alliance at work for their own benefits. You should always keep the relationship professional; after-work parties or events are fine if it is an official companies’ event like team buildings, year-end parties, or annual Christmas and New Year’s parties.

3. Parasitic Colleagues

You read it right, they are like parasites pestering your day and leading you not to complete your to-do list, but you will end up “helping them” to complete their work in time, not realizing you are sacrificing yours! They will praise your work, your efficiency, and how you are great at multi-tasking; how they admire your approach, and at the end, they will ask a “little help.” Providing help is okay, but teaching and showing them how to do it once, so next time they will be independent.  If they constantly ask for help from you, they will be forever reliant on you, even if they can do it.

4. Cry Babies

I call these types of co-workers “Cry-babies” because they complain a lot. From the start of the office hours until the end shift, they literally whine constantly. Little or huge obstacles, they whine non-stop. They cannot find resolutions themselves, offer a resolution, and still see negativity from it. They want to gain all the benefits for themselves; otherwise, they will pull out their endless grievances. It is not healthy to be with co-workers who don’t know how to accept negative results or something that is not in their favor.

5. Laid-back Colleagues

These are employees who always at the pantry or at the water dispenser waiting for someone to have a chit-chat with, or these are employees who constantly on their social media accounts even in the middle of the work. They love procrastinating on everything. They lose their work time meddling in non-work activities instead of focusing on their to-do list and finishing off tasks to meet deadlines. They don’t know how to respect time, which is not the habit you want to acquire.

6. Double-agents

You can recognize them as Brutus, Backstabber, Betrayer, or Double-crosser. They will gain your trust and leave you hanging in the air at the end of the day. Loyalty is not in their vocabulary as long as they will gain something at stake in their favor. They don’t mind losing you as their colleague.

It is always best to associate yourself with those people that will enhance your work skills and personality. It would be best to keep your distance from such toxic employees I have mentioned above because they will only make you do or adapt to their contaminated habits. Learn to say ‘No’ and be ‘Firm’ with such employees. It’s okay to make friends with co-workers; however, you must have boundaries in place.

My Takeaway…

To conclude, be keenly observant and do some research. Know your team and the employees around you. Respect everyone but only associate and treasure those genuinely putting their heart into their work not just because of salary, recognition, or position but because they are sincere in what they are doing.

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