FAQs about Colposcopy

A story about my experiences regarding Colposcopy. The objective of this blog is to share information regarding this medical procedure which is commonly done to women who has problems with their cervix and or experiencing unusual bleeding. Here are some questions I had and answers which I have found, gathered, and dealt with.

FAQs about Colposcopy

What is Colposcopy?

Colposcopy is a medical diagnostic procedure to closely examine your cervix, vagina, and vulva for signs of serious diseases like cancer. Ob-gyn uses a special instrument called a colposcope. My OB recommended this procedure because she have seen abnormality results during my Papsmear test. Normally, doctor will collect tissue during the procedure for lab testing (Biopsy).

FAQs about Colposcopy - 52 Stirs Lounge
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Does Colposcopy hurts?

Honestly, it does not hurt but I was uncomfortable during the procedure. I can feel the speculum being inserted in my vagina which made me more even uncomfortable. There were 7 or 8 doctors (if my memory served me correct) who are trying to study me and my condition which add up to my uneasiness. But they are all accommodating and friendly.

FAQs about Colposcopy - 52 Stirs Lounge
Image from health.harvard.edu

I did my procedure in a government hospital but if you can hire a private doctor, she can do it in her clinic with a help of her nurse or assistant. They also used vinegar to do “vinegar test” and then did a punch biopsy (took some tissue from my cervix where they have seen some abnormalities). The punch biopsy hurts a bit, kind of someone has tweak your skin.

What happens after a colposcopy?

My doctor prescribed me some medicine to stop the bleeding due to the punch biopsy and some pain relievers. I remember buying Hemostan (Tranexamic Acid) and Mefenamic Acid. I also experienced some dark discharged for about 4-5 days and some lower abdominal pains during the first 1-2 days but were manageable since I have pain relievers.

FAQs about Colposcopy - 52 Stirs Lounge
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Can I work after a colposcopy?

Yes, you can do your normal activities like driving, going to office for work the next day, and continue your normal life. I did lol! The only thing you cannot do is to have vaginal sex with your partner. Perhaps a week or two until you are clean and no discharge.

FAQs about Colposcopy - 52 Stirs Lounge
Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

Is colposcopy risky, are there any implications?

It is totally safe, although there are few risks such as heavy bleeding, infection, and pelvic pain. So, I will advise you to consult your doctor and do this procedure only with certified doctors. Always seek advise from your doctor if there are symptoms like excessive bleeding, chills, fever, and or abnormal pains after the procedures.

How will I prepare for the procedure?

My doctor and I scheduled the procedure 3 days after my period. It means you must be clean during the colposcopy, not bleeding or anything. No vaginal intercourse 2 days before the colposcopy, don’t use tampons 2 days before colposcopy, and don’t use vaginal medications 2 days before the procedure. Wear dress or skirt instead of pants during the procedure for easier access.

When can I get the results?

It will take at least 15 business days or more to get the results.

How to cope with the anxiety while waiting for the results?

I was anxious during the wait. I waited for a month! For some reasons, the hospital missed to call me though I have given them my valid and correct contact details. I just went there personally to get my results.

During the wait, I avoid thinking about it. I boosted my spirituality by reading scriptures, watching motivational and inspirational speeches and films. I made myself busy. You must basically feed your mind with positivity and train your mindset that whatever the result is, it will be for your good. You can also speak to you love ones about it and surely, they will help you cease the anxiety.

There you have it! I hope I was able to help you understand a lil bit about colposcopy and how to deal with it. It may sound complicated and frightening at first but trust me! It’s not complicated. And it is best for you as a woman! If you are a man reading this, speak with your partner! Promise! This is best for both of you.

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