5 Best Ways of Safe Sex

Why Safe Sex?

Men and women must always do safe sex. You must take control of getting a healthy lifestyle by exercising, eating good food, and when making love – sex. Safe sex will prevent getting or spreading sexually transmitted diseases (STD) like HIV, genital herpes or warts, HPV, gonorrhea, hepatitis, syphilis, and more undesirable illnesses. So, what can you do? Let me give you the five best habits that will help you attain safe sex.

Safe Sex in Five Ways!

#1. Use of Condoms

Using a condom during sex is practicing safe sex. Don’t be ashamed to talk about condoms with your partner. Yes, not using a condom may give you the best sex experience, but you will have a higher risk of getting an unwanted illness or unexpected pregnancy that will forever change your life!

#2. Know your status and your partner’s

Be open with one another. Honesty is undoubtedly the best policy! If you don’t know your sexual health status, visit your doctor and test together. It is better to know everything onset instead of being surprised after having sex and acquiring the illness.

I’ve seen documentaries that shown many marriages fall apart because of this situation. In some cultures, they practice arranging marriages. Most missed checking this part as it is considered taboo until problems arise and found out that a spouse got infected because of the partner. Sadly, some cannot endure the emotional and physical trauma; hence they choose to be separated and file a divorce.

#3. Fidelity is a key

Being monogamous is a big help in having a safe sex. It will enhance your intimate relationship and keep you safe from getting any harm compared to having numerous sexual partners.

#4. Abstinence

Self-discipline and self-denial are vital to attaining safe sex. Having full control of your sexual desires will give numerous benefits regardless if you have a partner or non. Morally and spiritually speaking, abstinence is a primary key in protecting yourself from getting sexually transmitted diseases or getting unwanted pregnancies.

#5. Cleanliness

Make sure to clean yourselves before getting into action and after the action. Make use of clean sex toys. Cleanliness will help you set the mood right and at the same time keep you safe from bacteria and other microorganisms that can start spreading and growing into your body.

My Takeaway!

There you have it, Lounger! These are reasonable and straightforward practices you can do to attaining intimate and safe sex! Such habits can give a high rate of guarantee, giving you a safe and healthy love-making action with your partner. Remember that your health must be your priority. It is better to be safe than sorry after getting a 5 minutes pleasure.
Best wishes!

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