Are You at Your Breaking Point?

‘Everybody has a breaking point. It’s tough to ignore the impulse to respond with anger.’ Andrew Shaffer

Are You at Your Breaking Point?

It’s hard to control anger and annoyance, especially when you are already at your breaking point. I have experienced these many times. You start questioning things, the people around you, yourself, even God, finding answers that cannot be found. Anybody can become angry because of disappointments, expectations, grievances, and objections. We are human, and we have emotions, one is anger.

Yes, you can be angry to get things done at some point, but was it worth it? How about your relationship with your family? Or a friend? Or a colleague? How about you, did you get the inner peace after the things get done just because you unleashed your anger? Are you happy about the overall results?

A story..

I can tell you that you are not. Anger doesn’t resolve a real problem. I remember one time, I had some issues with a colleague because he doesn’t know how to acknowledge and reply to emails addressed to him. I got to the point of losing my grip and called him ‘irresponsible-wanna-be-boss’.

I felt that he doesn’t care about our work and our team. I felt like he was doing it on purpose, especially when some critical emails are addressed to him and not answering them. I find him very show off as if he is the boss but nowhere to be found. I remember that we had a heated argument because of his inappropriate habit, and I just raised my eyebrow and left him. After a day or two of our argument; I found out that he was dismissed from our company. He was terminated!


I thought I would be happy because he deserved to be kicked off due to his attitude, but I was not. I was genuinely sad and felt that he could’ve had a chance! But who I am to judge? Of course, I trust our management, and they know things I don’t know. I know and understand that there’s a vital reason behind it.

But my point is, why did I let my self get loose and got my anger unbridled when the solution of my problem is already being cooked without me knowing it. I could’ve been more patient and professionally talked to him rather than bursting out like fire because he was not answering important emails? Why did I not able to act civilly? I want to help others to improve, but obviously, I addressed the situation wrong. Absolutely wrong!

What to do?

Every day we will face different situations that can make us dismayed, frustrated, and angry. Yes, we can be angry about it but stressing and offending our selves and others will not lead us to a better situation, no way! It’s up to us to choose to be calm, patient and happy while finding a solution or being annoyed, reckless, and stress-out just because of non-sense.

My Takeaway…

Hey Lounger, I know it’s hard to respond properly in every situation but come to think of it, it’s way better and easy if you have a peace in mind and light feelings when addressing adversaries. Yes, we may not solve any problems right away and so do when we are angry. It will only worsen the situation, and it will also ruin your relationship with others, better to control always.

What is your story? I love to hear from you.

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