The Do’s and Don’ts for Night Shift Employees

Working during grave yard shifts takes a lot of self-discipline and patience. I worked in a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) industry for more than 8 years and experienced tremendous schedule changes. From mid-night to night shifts to regular working hours to night shift again. It took me almost a year and half to adjust mentally and physically. It was a big challenge, knowing that my time is opposite from the normal hours. I have managed to come up with my sleep survival kit hence sharing you my ‘Do’s and Don’ts if you are a night shift employee.

The Do’s and Don’ts for Night Shift Employees

Do allow yourself to adjust and master your routine; Don’t pressurized yourself.

It is important not to pressurized yourself but let yourself to adjust mentally and physically. Little by little train your self to timely manage your activities and ensure that the routine you will have will give you enough timeline to sleep.

Do Treat Sleep as a Life-line; Don’t Abuse Your Body.

Sleep plays a vital role in your health and well-being, so you must invest on it. Make sure to prepare dark curtains to cover your windows, air-conditioned room is better to regulate the temperature and help you sleep well, remove all distractions such as gadgets, and respect the time of your sleep. Don’t overuse your body. Sleep is a life saver! Let your body recover from exhaustion and stress.

Do Eat and Drink Right; Don’t for Junk foods.

Intake of healthy food and drinks will help you catch up the nutrients you need in the body. During night time, your body works double, or triple compared to morning time. It’s better to eat food that helps you regain what you have lost rather investing on junk food or fast foods.

Do Inform Everyone; Don’t be afraid to say No to others.

Inform your family about your night-shift schedules so they will help you out managing your environment such as noise, or other things that will disturb your sleep during morning time. Learn to say ‘No’ for party invitation or any activity that is not suited in your schedule and will have a bad impact in your sleeping routines.

Do Stay Active at Night; Don’t’ be lazy.

Train your mind and body to be energetic at night. Mind setting is important on this, procrastinating work will not help you.

Bonus: Do Consult Your Doctor, Don’t be Ashamed.

If you are having uncertainty and health problems, then it is best to approach a professional help. Visit your company doctor or any registered doctor in your community. They will support you with your sleep concerns and issues.

Remember to take care of your self always because health is wealth.

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