How do you dress up?

One good way of comforting one’s self is dressing up. I mean it. Life isn’t perfect, but your outfit can be! I’m not a fashion guru nor a fashionista, but I admit I like to dress up to comfort myself when life is hitting me badly. Cheering myself means beautifying myself!

Most of us men and women, regardless of color, age, race, or ethnicity, love dressing up. Because it is one way of parading our roots, our identity, and admit it, our beauty. We dress up to comfort ourselves in times of adversity and sadness, cheer ourselves, and look at the positive side of life. I think that is fair enough for everyone.

How do you dress up?

Meanwhile, I encourage everyone to be more responsible on how to dress up. Be modest enough in terms of your dressing preferences. It is not about showing off all your body assets or hiding them because of doctrines. It is about a life celebration.

Dress up to boost your morale and inspire others, not to entice others for lust and desire. We must dress up with modesty and humility because we stand for freedom. Freedom of respecting ourselves and others! We do not judge someone according to their desired clothing. Instead, we must appreciate everyone’s beauty with respect and sincerity!

Now, how do you dress up?

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