The Lion King: A Time Warp

Hakuna Matata! “ got to put your behind in your past.” said Pumbaa.

Yes, I just watched the new Disney movie – The Lion King. First, the advancement of animation is way beyond before. Technology today gives us a new great experience while watching the film. Although I read a lot of critics online saying the old one is better because it’s all seemed natural than the digitalized one, for me it does not matter. The content of the movie and how they improve the experience is more important. Second, it took me to a time warp, and I felt I’m an excited kid watching the film for the first time!

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Hakuna Matata! It means no worry for the rest of your days, it’s a problem-free philosophy! There are times in your life that you must set aside your past for a while for you to recover from pain, hurt and desolation. There are times that you need to stop thinking about your previous and start accepting what your current condition is. There are times that you need to focus and really understand what you want that makes you happy. Perhaps it is time for you to soul search, for you to remember who you really are and eventually to have the courage to face whatever you are needed to face – even your past!

I strongly recommend the movie. It brings a smile on your face especially if you are a 90s kid like me! It’s a great family movie, kids will learn a lot from it particularly obedience, love, and bravery.

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