Faith Challenge Today

Faith Challenge Today

Let me share a story with you. I have challenged myself to read one of the holiest books on earth – the Bible – and as of this blog, I’m on 96% completion. As a believer, seeker of the true faith, and follower of Christ, I felt ashamed when I haven’t read the Bible entirely. Therefore, I told myself, I must do something.

I’m not a religious or pious person, I consider myself a sinner and imperfect, but I’m happy to say that I’m a believer. I love to share my thoughts with you and hopefully stir your curiosity and spirituality too.

Yes, being a believer means strongly believing in one true faith. But faith is considered dead if there will be no genuine works with it. It is the very reason why I’m encouraging myself to be bold enough and invite you – believers in One True God & His begotten Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, to nurture yourself and learn more about what we must do here in this world.

One genuine work you can start with is to read and embrace the Bible.

Here’s our faith challenge today! Start contemplating and immediately act before it’s too late. Practicing reflection and reading scriptures will lead us to do more righteous works and forget the negativism surrounding us.

Let’s stop drowning ourselves into too much virtually material world such as social media. We can use our high-end gadgets into good works by reading His words and sharing our knowledge of wisdom.

I’m encouraging you; my brothers and sisters in faith, there is nothing to lose, but there will be a significant gain. Let’s start today!

Tip: I’m using this online Bible reading platform.

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