China Sea Beach Resort: We Got Tricked!!??

China Sea Beach Resort now called “Lacuna Resort”

I’m sure you just want to detoxify yourself from the city, listen to the splash of the ocean, and just have fun while having peace of mind! Yes, that was our plan too! Hubby and I got off our feet and found this resort advertised online from Google to TripAdvisor and even at their own website (of course) – China Sea Beach Resort.

Apparently, we were excited because the reviews seem fair, they have an affordable price, and the place looks terrific! It was a perfect place for us. We are looking for a beach resort which has a pool facility with a friendly price. Hubby and I were excited to see the sea shore, try the sea water for the first time in the Philippines together and to chill at later night in the pool!

The Travel..

In our excitement, I booked, and off we went to Paringao, Bauang, La Union. We took Partas Bus from Dau Terminal and paid 310Php (6-7$) per pax. It was an easy bus ride. It took approximately 4 hours including light traffic and bus stops to reach the place. It is a ride bus only. Good thing while commuting, you don’t need to change bus or anything. It’s Point A to Point B destination. Easy! 😁

We have reached the place; we walked a little bit to get into the main entrance. We were welcomed by their staff and security with a warmth smile!

We were early for about 2.5 hrs so we had to pay 200Php (4-5$) each hour for early-in. The receptionist helped us to get our accommodation and assist us to our room. She was friendly and helped us setting up our vault. Yes, you’ll get your very own vault to safe keep your important stuffs like IDs, passport, wallet, and so on.

The room..

The room is spacious, clean, and minimalist which I liked. The bathroom is clean and spacious too! We have one full size bed and a single bed, hence that room can accommodate a family with up to 4-5 members. The room is air-conditioned, has TV, and cabinet for clothing. It has an overview of the pool outside.

Speaking of the pool, it was clean. They maintain it very well even though it is not bottom tiled. They have a strict pool policy. You must wear proper swimwear and it is open from 9 AM to 10 PM everyday except if there’s any special needs to close it. We were really excited to get a splash in it. But our main drama was the beach!

Where’s the shoreline?

To our surprise there is no shoreline! So, if you want to do some beach activities, then this resort is not for you. You must be a professional swimmer or probably a professional diver in order for you to engage with the ocean’s water. You can ask the staff to assist you.

via IG grinb0x

But if you are like me, a shoreline walker only 😁 then all you can do is to take pictures or videos and enjoy the sound of the ocean, its wave and scenery without the oceanfront! Yes, we got tricked! I remember a family came with kids, they checked the beach too and one kid asked “Mommy, walang sand?” (Mommy, there’s no sand?) and they went off.


Bottom-line, I will recommend this resort for those people who simply wants to watch sunset or sunrise at the beach and loves to chill at the pool. But if you intend to do beach activities which requires you a shoreline then it’s definitely a No.

Honestly our overall stay is not bad at all, nor there’s no wow factor. Maybe because we were not able to swim in the sea water which is one of our primary intentions. So, before you book a place, please find time to read and check all possible reviews and see if it meets your requirements or expectations, if not 100% at least 90%. We are happy, and we’ll give this resort 3 stars out of 5 because my hubby and I enjoyed our afternoon-early night pool experience.

Take note, you are not allowed to bring any food or beverage from outside since they have a restaurant. The restaurant though is quite pricey and not so fair in terms of portion (for us)! But overall, the taste and the friendly staffs will cover the gaps. Now, if you want to detoxify and have a minimalist vacation experience, then this resort is a must! See below important information how to book and get there!

Visit their Facebook page Lacuna Resort.

Visit Agoda @ China Beach Resort aka Lacuna Resort

How to go there?

Located in Bauang, La Union, Philippines, China Sea Beach Resort.

You will find many numbers of buses that will carry you from Manila to La Union Province. Take a bus bound to Laoag, Vigan, Abra or San Fernando City – La Union. The buses that will get you to La Union are Partas, Viron, Florida, Fariñas, Dominion, and Genesis. Bus trips will take you about 6 to 7 hours to get to La Union if you are coming from Manila.

If you are coming from Clark, Angeles City Pampanga, you need to take a Blue taxi or ride a jeepney going to Dau Terminal. From Dau Terminal take a bus bound to Laoag, Vigan, Abra or San Fernando City – La Union.

Let me know your beach story, comment down below and share your experience! I love to hear from you! 🤩🙏❤️

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