How to Maintain LDR

More and more individuals are afraid of getting into a serious and intimate relationship today, especially if there’s a distance at stake. Many marriages are torn apart because of LDR – Long-Distance-Relationship. Yes! Let me repeat, marriages. It only proves that legal papers won’t guarantee a long-term relationship. Not even the children involved or sweet memories. 

I am into an LDR and married to a wonderful head chef based in the United Arab Emirates while I am here in our home country, the Philippines. It takes a massive amount of patience, strives, hard work, and TLCs to keep the relationship alive and intimate. 

Please sit back, relax, continue to read, and let me tell you our secrets, which can help you keep up. Here’s my bucket list of guidelines to keep your LDR hot and spicy despite being miles apart!

How to Maintain LDR?

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Tips to Maintain LDR - 52StirsLounge
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#1. Teamwork

To maintain a genuine LDR, yes! It’s a team effort. Any relationship, especially an LDR, will fail if only one-sided. It should be a collaborative effort. As a couple, both should agree to commit and comprise. For instance, during any marriage, when you say “I do” to your partner, especially in front of your witnesses, you must mean “I do.” There should always be teamwork and willingness to work together as one unit as partners.

#2. Time Management

Time management is critical in any LDR. You must accept and understand your time differences. For instance, in our case, the time difference is four hours. So, we both plan our schedules to accommodate each other’s availability. I usually set alarms so I would not miss the time we must spend together. Remember that giving love entails giving your “time.”

#3. Honesty is the best policy.

Honesty is the partner of giving time to your partner. To maintain a wonderful LDR, both of you should be open and honest about your activities and schedules. It could be work, a party, a get-together with friends or family, or any indoor or outdoor activities you will participate in. Knowing your partner’s movements and schedules and vice versa will help both of you plan your time to coincide with your partner’s.

#4. Loyalty and Respect

Loyalty and respect cover sex abstinence and denial of desiring others except for your partner. Let’s be honest: your partner has no idea what you’re up to because you’re both distant. It would tremendously help if you worked hard to be loyal to protect your relationship. Both must adhere to fidelity at all costs. Respecting each other’s trust is essential in a loving and healthy LDR.

#5. Stay Candid and Sexy

Always surprise your partner! Staying candid and sexy will help keep the flame alive in LDR. Sending teasing pictures, random pick-up lines, and offbeat messages will help keep the love and intimacy of your relationship. Continue to give compliments and sweet nothings to brighten your partner’s day and mood.

#6. Be with the Family

My LDR’s ultimate tip is to spend time with your partner’s family. Please make time to visit their family and spend quality time with them. Your partner will be highly grateful for the love you show with their family. Spend time with granny and granddaddy if you have children! Allow your children to interact with their cousins and develop positive relationships with them. I’m sure such habits will aid in the security of your affinity despite an LDR. Similarly, the family can be there to help resolve any crisis in your relationship if needed.

#7. Accountability

Accountability refers to your responsibilities and obligations to your children as a partner and parent. To be a father and mother, you must first be a husband and wife, in my opinion. After all, children are a bonus (fruits) from the love you have nurtured together.

Most people would say that being a father and mother comes first because you can leave your partner but not your children.

I’m afraid I have to disagree. It would be best to fulfill your responsibilities as a husband and wife first so that you can satisfy your duties as a father and mother.

It would be easier for the children to respect, love, and look up to their parents if they see them love each other. Your children must experience how you love and graciously treat their father and mother. And this will have a positive impact on them. So, I highly recommend practicing accountability accordingly, especially when you have children.

#8. GOD as your centerpiece!

Many couples have lost hope and end up in an unhealthy LDR, eventually concluding the relationship to a horrible end. Whether religious or not, faith in God is a powerful and infinite source of gratification, especially if you are in an intimate relationship.

You may oppose, but I have seen many couples with a strong faith in God and make Him their centerpiece last longer. How? I’ve noticed that spiritual growth can greatly help couples meet their moral obligations and make better decisions.

My Takeaway!

Yes, these are my eight tips for keeping your LDR relationship healthy for the rest of your life! Keep these suggestions in mind;

  • Teamwork
  • Time management
  • Honesty
  • Loyalty and respect
  • Stay candid and sexy
  • Be with the family
  • Accountability
  • God as your centerpiece

Like I said earlier, it takes a massive amount of patience, strives, hard work, and TLCs for you to maintain a healthful LDR. The amount of willingness that both of you will put into your relationship is necessary. I hope my list helps or at least gives you an idea of your next sweet move. What’s your suggestion? Tell and give us a glimpse to further strengthen our LDRs!

Tips to Maintain LDR - 52StirsLounge
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