Colposcopy and Cervical Biopsy

“Strength grows in the moments when you think you can’t go on, but you keep going anyway!” – Crystal, Cervical Cancer, Survivor.

My Colposcopy and Cervical Biopsy Results was released..

Okay, my Colposcopy and Cervical biopsy result is released. Thanked God, and the paper says ‘‘benign” which means not harmful in effect: in particular (of a tumor), or it means not malignant. I don’t have cancer! What a sigh of relief! Whew!

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But, the result also shows a focal area with mild dysplasia and chronic cervicitis with squamous metaplasia. Questions started fluxing my mind. What are these? Where did I get these? Is it because of HPV66? Are these severe illnesses? How am I supposed to make love with my husband? Am I safe for him? Are we safe? Can we be pregnant?

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Anxiety Attack..

My heart hits 200kph. I started my research and asked Uncle Google (atypical millennial reaction). I learned that generally, they found abnormal cells on my cervix’s surface, and I have inflammation and irritation of the cervix. It may or can cause prolonged and heavy bleeding. It was quite a relief because I understand that this is something manageable, and my doctor will know and tell me what to do about it.

My Doctor’s Explanation..

So, I was very eager to talk with my attending OB physician (let me call her Dra Rose, not her real name). Dra Rose explained to me as simple as nothing to worry about because the result says I’m okay. And it won’t lead to cancer or anything severe. I’m in bliss! It is a significant relief for me to hear such phrases from a certified doctor that I don’t have cancer! And then, she gave me some paper works for my reference and sending me home.

I was surprised! I asked her, “Doc, how about the other results which say this and that?” What shall I do to remove these things from my body? How shall I prevent these from happening again?

My Doctor’s Advice vs. My Reaction..

Dra Rose said I must relax. I do not need to do anything because I’m okay. I must drop whatever findings I saw and read through Uncle Google. 

After hearing this from her, it showed on my face that I am skeptical because how in the earth will I relax when I have an inflamed and irritated cervix? She didn’t give me any specific instructions on what to do or whatnot, and her explanation of the written result was blunt. She gave me a prescription of antibiotics (vaginal suppository) for seven days to please my worrisome. She advised me to repeat the colposcopy and biopsy after a year—the end of the story.

I was blown away! And in deep shock at how Dra Rose handled me and my case.

Yes! I am grateful because I used the free service from a Public Hospital here in my hometown (Pampanga, Philippines). I saw how good their commitment is, the fact that it is a 90% cost-free hospital, but I’m stunned at how their customer service works. I felt that I was thrown away because my case was reduced to non-critical. Thus, they don’t have the time to explain these things further, so they’re sending me home.

The result gave me a mixed reaction. I’m thrilled because I’m free of any cancerous illness, and at the same time, I’m pretty sad about how I was given patient care at the last minute by a professional like Dra Rose.

Maybe she is busy at that time, and perhaps she has a lot on her plate, I don’t know. But I hope that all doctors and other healthcare professionals, regardless of private or public sectors, will treat their patients with genuine love and care; after all, this was their Hippocratic Oath.

Anyhow, I still trust her. At some point, I am happy she is my attending physician. I will use the antibiotics that she prescribed for a week and continue to monitor my body. I’m still taking pills for six months as they prescribed at first. My last pill pack is scheduled for September 2019, and let’s see how it goes. Currently, I’m not sure if I still have HPV66 or whatnot, but I’m doing my best to recover and maintain a healthy lifestyle fully.

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Bottom-line, I encourage you to be more conscious about yourself. Men and Women. There’s nothing to be shy of. If you feel something different in your body, please visit your doctor. If you are short of funds, I encourage you to use your public services just like I did. They are also professionals and have the right skill set to help you. Remember that Your Health is Wealth. To my ladies out there, either you are sexually active or whatnot, please visit your OB-Gyn at least once or twice a year for a pap smear and clinical check-up. As early as 16 years of age, it would be best if you do it.

Don’t be afraid, don’t be shy because this is FOR YOU.

Value Your Health Now, Not till Sickness Comes.

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