HPV 66, is it Deadly?

My Story of HPV 66..

I am diagnosed having human papillomavirus number sixty-six – HPV 66. Being a woman is not as easy as some think. Emotional, physical, mental, name the aspect, there will be adversity. 

I usually take oral pills as prescribed by my doctor to manage my existing hormonal imbalance. Until one day, taking pills don’t work anymore. My period pro-longer than usual! I started getting anxious and uncomfortable. I bleed heavily and I’m losing iron. I’m so weak, dizzy, and easily getting tired. So, I went to a OB-gyn for a checkup. I got my pap smear test and the result is not good. I have ASCUS (Atypical Squamous Cell of Undetermined Significance) and am having inflammation. My OB-gyn decided to have another test which is the HPV Genotyping test. Tada! I have HPV 66.

What is HPV?

It is an acronym for human papillomavirus which comprises 49 Genotypes and are categorized in two groups: (1) High Risk HPV and (2) Low Risk HPV.

  • High Risk HPV – 16, 18, 26, 31, 33, 35, 39, 45, 51, 52, 53, 56, 58, 59, 66, 68, 70, 73, 82, 85
  • Low Risk HPV – 06, 11, 40, 42, 43, 44, 54, 61, 62, 71, 72, 81, 83, 84, 89, 34, 64, 67, 69, 74, 86, 87, 97, 101, 102, 103, 106, 150, 151

High Risk HPVs are viruses that may cause cancer such as cervical cancer and other cancer of the anus, vagina, penis and more. While Low Risk HPVs are viruses that cause genital warts but if not are usually benign.

I’m stunned and surprised! I’m devastated, frustrated, overwhelmed! I didn’t know what to think. I’m afraid! I have HPV 66; one hell high-risk virus! I’m going to die. Suddenly, I thought about many things. I basically want to live more and be with my loved ones!

What I did?

I read some articles online, article by article, and found that HPVs can go off on its own. It can be acquired through sex but mostly through genes. It’s in my blood perhaps. I don’t know. Meanwhile, to make sure that mine will not progress into something that I don’t want then I need to undergo a step by step procedure.

The OB-gyn suggested having colposcopy and cervical pathology (biopsy) for further investigation and management. Again, I was in despair that my husband and I just spent around 800AED for the HPV Genotyping testing, then we need to spend a bigger amount of money for the colposcopy and biopsy. During this time, we had financial issues too! Fast tracking my story, we managed to get this colposcopy and biopsy done with the help of our regional hospital in Pampanga, Philippines (my home country). We decided that I had to go home (from the UAE to the Philippines) to do all the tests and procedures. I’m happy to say, I’m just waiting for my results and hopefully it will give us the good news, in God’s will.

I will let you know what happened next.


If you are a woman and sexually active, please take good care of yourself. If you have health insurance, visit your doctor for a regular pap smear test, consultation and check-ups. You can also visit your local government hospitals/clinics and surely, they will assist you on how you can avail free pap smear test, consultation and check-ups. Don’t be afraid or feel embarrassed.

Early screening is a great way of preventing deadly diseases such as cancer. Same goes with men, especially today, there are widespread illnesses like HIV and AIDs.

And if you are diagnosed with HPV 66 or other numbers stated above just like me, please relax. Don’t panic. You will not die. Look! I’m alive, strong, and still trying to understand my condition while coping up. Think! You only have HPV 66 which can be dormant so grab the opportunity to fight and overcome it as soon as possible. Go and visit your doctor. It’s not too late.

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