How a Blog Project Started?

The Beginning of my Blog Project…

For the past few years, I want to do something special, reflecting my thoughts and intention to serve as a helpful role to those seeking inspiration, support or advice. In the year 2019, I finally decided to come up with a blog at home project. I started writing about my thoughts, views, experiences, and curiosity about life and openly shared it.

I created 52StirsLounge with a simple mission of sharing my journey with you and hopefully “stir” you to keep going and explore the beauty of our Creator’s gift called Life.

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The Back Story of my Blog Project…

In December 2017, I was diagnosed having HPV66, which has turned my world upside down. I was forced to respite from my day job and focus on my health. I didn’t know what HPV66 is, how I got it, and how to deal with it. All I know is that my husband and I want to become pregnant. But we constantly fail. I have a hormonal imbalance that can be resulting in infertility. Now, having HPV66 on top of it is overwhelming!

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I feel useless, sad, and hopeless. One of my ultimate dreams is to become a mother. In my 30’s, my friends have already 10 years old sons and daughters. But, I’m here trying to figure out what to do next. I cried, rest my heart and mind to our God Almighty and wait until His given time for me. But at some point, still, sadness strikes me. I need to do something which will keep me busy and productive. And then! Tada! I created 52StirsLounge!

  • This project helps me to cope and give others a taste of what goes on in my mind. And to give out stirring information which will help soothe your adversity as I do.
  • I blog because writing is to connect timelessly from the past, present, and future!
  • I blog because of You!

The Name of my Blog Project…

Relax. Read. Renew.

I love coffee and tea. And to get the perfect taste, I learned that I must stir my drink 52 times or more, not less than. I know it sounds crazy and I’m telling you I’m thrilled! Try it! That’s basically the reason why I called my project “52StirsLounge“.

And Yes! I added the word “Lounge” because I’ve envisioned an online space that can be a relaxing lounge for us to read, contemplate, and learn from one another!

I’m always striving to get that perfect taste of this beautiful given gift called Life and ready to share my cups of coffee and tea! I’m excited! I know that it will be the perfect lounge for both of us to mingle and learn from each other!

My name is Jemima, and I’m humbled to be your writer.

Thank you for the support and appreciation!

Let me know what’s in your mind too. I love to hear from you! ❤️

Enjoy Life & Spread Love,


Hey Lounger! if you felt that you’d also love to blog and share compelling stories, you can start from HERE!

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