Open Letter to My Stepmother – Happiness

Ligaya (Happiness)

To my beloved stepmother,

Firstly, I want to apologize for my mistakes. I’m not an ideal step-daughter and yet you’ve considered me as your own. There are certain times that I become a total controller wanting to get things done on my own, but you are always there to support my ups and down.

You’re such a blessing to me; since I was 7, I have not experienced the touch and care of a mom. Until I turned 17, you came to my life. Foremost, we only saw the facade and hesitating on how we deal our homely lives. Yet you made it smooth for me. I remember, your very first eerie step, offering me your cellular phone for me to have useful communication with my classmates for any school activities and it all started there.

Slowly you and I started to build connection. You accepted me as your own daughter without hesitancy. You cook, fix things, fix our room, our house, did all your do-it-yourself jobs, and you became the light of our home. You became my mother. You have opened my heart and made me understand how a daughter feels like.

Many times, I fell ailing; you were there and took care of me. We had arguments, but you showed me your mercy. You taught me how to be a wife to my husband. Your patience and determination to protect our family is a wonder gift. You are teaching me how to become a mother in the future.

My Thank You is not adequate.

I’m blessed having you in my life. I’m blessed because you lend me your hand and helped me get up. I’m blessed because you did not shut the door for me, yet you let me see and feel how to have a mother. I’m blessed because you are sharing your life with me. I’m blessed because you became my mother and I became your daughter.

Thank you for the love. Thank you for the happiness. Thank you so much!

52StirsLounge - Open Letter to my Stepmother

This is my letter of gratitude which I know is not adequate; but this my humble way of honoring you in this Mother’s Day.

I love you and you will endlessly be in my heart! ❤️

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