Boss vs. Leader

I’m a big believer in picking your boss, not the job. Great people create great jobs. – Nancy Dubuc

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Boss vs. Leader

I am so hooked up in this US TV Series called UndercoverBoss. It is a TV series that features a CEO or President of a multi-billion organization from different industries to work in the front line. The aim is to capture shabby employees, discover any upfront and or hidden problems that cause the company unwanted expenses or damages the company image. The highest-ranking official or even the company owner will disguise and work together with his/her employee without being recognized in the hope of revolutionary discoveries.

Today, capitalism is ruling the world. Most of the huge and small company owners care only about numbers. I experienced it. Every salary-earned-worker experiences this at some point, even at the least expected circumstances. Being neglected, not appreciated, not having a raise, not receiving salary on time, not having proper health insurance, and countless more. Employees who work hard not only to earn but there to protect the company. Yet all goes in vain.

While company owners think they must cut expenses, sales are not going up, and even if sales are progressing up, they want more and more! Whereas they are just relaxed, enjoying a luxurious vacation out of the country. Throwing commands of this and that, questioning the competencies of the front lines. I am not saying all the business owners have this kind of attitude, but 100% I am sure that most of them have this egoistic boldness. Why? Because they are the boss! They pay you!

On the other hand, this TV series is a good platform to showcase the truth behind these multi-billion-dollar organizations and how they deal with their employees as head of the management. I salute all the ‘bosses’ who took the courage, stepped-down, and reached their employees. It’s funny because they want to know any fishy going on in the base level, but eventually, they learned a lot from their workers, which they cannot cram during their times inside office cabins. Bosses who are only focused on sales became more sensitive about how to take care of their employees. They have seen things and unveil the truth on various conditions.

At the end of the day…

True Leaders are not afraid of accepting their mistakes and acting to correct their mistakes.

True Leaders are not just into numbers but the welfare of their employees. If you take good care of your employees, then they will definitely respect and take good care of you too as their Leader and the company as their own.

True Leaders are not rigid, but they have a heart that knows how to understand.

True Leaders are not self-centered and don’t honor money, but they genuinely care for their sub-ordinates, community, environment, and all other stakeholders.

“A true Boss is an Intelligent Leader with a heart”.

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