Secret of Debts

Do you have debts from someone?

Secret of Debts
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Yes, let’s talk about debt. It can be monetary or immaterial. Let’s all be honest, who doesn’t have debt? A good friend of mine asked me one day, “ you have debt?”. I answered, “what do you mean? Like monies, you mean?” My friend told me, regardless, money, thing, immaterial thing”. So I said, “not that I know of, of course I have debt of gratitude to some special people in my life which I appreciated, but monies? To pay someone I owe, I don’t have. Except for some loans from my social security which I need to settle and some other government loan funds”.

My friend told me, “Alright” and explained why the question was raised.

See, if you have a debt and you owe someone especially money. You must always honor your accountability and work hard to settle it as soon as possible. This is a hard-earned money of the person who helped you during your chaos. This person might need it on the same time you needed it but out of respect and understanding, he/she had to sacrifice for you. Don’t use any thing without permission from the owner, even a small thing like the toothpaste of your roommate at board or the fine t-shirt of your brother. Always ask permission.

Looking the religious side of it; come to think of it. If you and I died with a tremendous unsettled debt to someone; comes, our 2nd life during judgment day and during the time of accounting of our good vs bad deeds. How in a world we will going to pay our debt when money and material things are no longer in value? My friend told me that, this is the formula. Your debt is equals to the good deeds which will be paid to that person whom you owe, and your debt is equals to the bad deeds which will be transferred to your account as a completion of your payment to that of person whom you owe. Whether monetary, thing, or debt of gratitude. Can you just imagine how difficult that be? We will be left nothing!

This has reminded me, which I hope will do the same thing to you regardless if you believe or whatnot. The question is what if?

Be prompt when you owe someone; in case you are not able to settle it right away, have the courage to speak to that person, the same courage you had when you asked him for help. Work with a good timeline that works for both of you. Settle whatever you owe as soon as possible because we never know that today, later, or tomorrow it is your end game. Now, if you are the person whom someone has debt to you; be generous and continue to be more understanding. Because in the end, true judgement will come. Don’t abuse your authority and privileges by adding huge amount of interest which will push the in-need in the pit of death. You’ll never know, that one day you might be in his position too.

Time to reflect; calculate all your expenses including your debt. Plan and take an action immediately before it’s too late.

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