Spices Everywhere at Old Souk

Deira is located in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates which is one of the most areas where expats are living in. The interesting part is, it has a beautiful and classic area called Old Souk in Bur Dubai which is filled with creativity in terms of culture and food.

Yes, dearly foodie who loves cooking and traveling might as well check out this place in case you will found yourself in Dubai. You will stumble on all sorts of spices and herbs in this place; name it and you’ll get it! The aromas of spices will entice your cooking expertise. The alleys are filled with vibrant bags of nutmeg, cinnamon, turmeric, cumin, pepper, cloves, dried fruits, sage, cardamom, paprika, vanilla, saffron and more.

Check out some reviews; click here.

Map location; click here.

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