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Welcome to 52StirsLounge, your online lounge where you can relax, read, and renew. I’m humbled that you visit this site, and let me invite you to satisfy your curiosity as I do. Let’s explore and wander from five main suites that 52StirsLounge offers – Self-Guide, Faith, Health, Food, and Travel. I’m pleased and thrilled to share my life experiences that cover each of these suites. I hope that 52StirsLounge will STIR you up and enkindle your own passion too!

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Homemade Burger Steak Better than Jollibee - 52Stirs.com

Homemade Burger Steak Better than Jollibee

Happy Monday, Lounger! I hope you’re having a fantastic day! Jollibee is recognized globally because of its delicious Filipino taste fast foods. I love its spicy chickenjoy, and my ultimate favorite is its burger steak. So, I had to practice making my own homemade burger steak recipe inspired by Jollibee and yet more tasty and… Continue Reading →

Easy Minced Chicken with Veggies Recipe - 52stirs.com

Easy Minced Chicken with Veggies Recipe

Happy Monday, Lounger! I hope you have a great start to the week. Today I shall share with you my minced chicken recipe, totally home-cooked and delicious. Of course, even home cooker beginners, college students, and office workers can cook this recipe. I love sharing my easy cooking recipes because I certainly understand how hard… Continue Reading →

Savory Beef and Beans - 52stirs.com

Savory Beef and Beans

Happy Monday, Lounger! I hope everything is doing great with you. Today, I will share my very own simple home-savory beef and beans recipe! I prefer consuming beef because, in the majority, beef meat is being produced in a much decent way compared to pork. And because I tend to have iron deficiency, I choose… Continue Reading →

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Self Guide

We must take care of our well-being. I believe that happiness is a self-induced choice and acceptance. Self-Guide is a section of my self-strives and battles that brought wellness in growth, maturity, professionalism, relationship, self-love, and appreciation. Join me! I’ll share my stories with you to help you find your passion and purpose! See more…


Faith is unexplainable, and it’s beyond our senses. But we’re here because of Faith. In this section, let’s open up and discuss our questions about religion, beliefs, spirituality and Faith. I’m pleased to share my discoveries and my journey to Faith. I believe that our most significant responsibility is to advance our relationship with the One True Supreme Being. A genuine relationship with God is our most profound need. See more …


The best investment in this world is in our health. I’d love to share my journey with you about dealing with health issues that inspired me to create this home blog project. Let’s talk about health experiences that teach us to take good care of ourselves! See more …


One of my passions is food. I’m not a chef, but I enjoy preparing and tasting cuisine to learn about different cultures, traditions, and contrasts. Join my quest for home cooking! Learn easy recipes homemade with love by yours, which you can cook and share with your loved ones. Food is Togetherness! See more …


Life is short, so travel to live deeper! This travel section is a collection of my trips and walkabouts that open my eyes to seeing our world’s true beauty and agony. Discovering the diversity of culture, traditions, beliefs is one great adventure for oneself. Read. Travel. Become. See more …

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